Where to Find the Right Omega Speedmaster

Part 2 of buying advice on Omega-Speedmaster watches

This part of buying advice on Omega-Speedmaster watches deals with where–from which dealer or platform–you get the right (Vintage) Speedmaster. Because via the blog Fratellowatches.com reach us many emails with questions about buying a speedmaster from Omega. It is therefore high time for an article which is understood to be a purchase advice for the Omega Speedmaster. If you are already a Speedmaster collector, this may be less interesting for you as I have a lot of basic information. But I also want to try to write a diverse article that is “enriched” in the course.

Which Omega Speedmaster is the right one? You can find out here in Part 1 of the purchase advice.

The 5 most important buying for modern and used Speedmaster watches can be found in Part 3 of the purchase advice.

Buy a new Omega Speedmaster

It is not particularly difficult to buy a new speedmaster. You will find either an omega-or a tourbillon-shop (Swatch-group-concept), can go to an official concessionaire or look for a non-official authorized dealer. One of the most common questions posed in this context is that of the difference between an official distribution channel such as an Omega boutique or a concessionaire and a non-officially recognized dealer. The differences go into the next paragraph.

The difference between a concessionaire and a boutique

The only official sales channels of an Omega watch run through the concessionaires, an Omega or a tourbillon boutique. This means that they refer their watches directly from the Omega Manufactory or from the official branch of their country. Only these bodies can provide an after-sales service as well as help in case of warranty. The Omega and tourbillon boutiques sell the watches based on the current list price. A concessionaire will perhaps give you a discount depending on the model, or if you are a loyal customer. However, it can also be based on the list price and reduce the price by adding an accessory, book, watch Winder etc. It depends on him and on the guidelines that are given to him. Some concessionaires also offer added value through invitations to watch events that you organize yourself or Omega. You will receive information about this when purchasing a speedmaster at these official points of sale.

Here you will find an official Omega sales outlet in your area.

Rogue Outlets

An unauthorized seller is a watch retailer who sells (and sometimes buys) watches for which there are no official sales outlets. These are often regarded as grey-sellers. This means that these watches are absolutely genuine, but they are sold over an unrecognized way. These timepieces end up as clocks on the grey-scale for various reasons. If you buy a speedmaster from a grey-store retailer, it will certainly offer you an attractive discount, but be aware that warranty claims may be difficult to enforce.

If you want to buy a new Omega Speedmaster (Professional), it is up to you which form you prefer. However, make sure that you understand the differences and consequences that can result from this, so that you can carry out a risk analysis. In any case, make sure the warranty card fits your watch: Both the reference number (called by Omega Pic) and the serial number of the enclosure must be on the card. The serial number is engraved on the lower left belt trigger of the Speedmaster (professional).

Omega Speedmaster second hand and as vintage watch

That was the easy part. It becomes difficult and complicated if you are looking for second hand or vintage models. The main problem is that if you are looking for a specific speedmaster, you will probably pay too much. The best deals are usually random. But let us not ignore this, because it will be rather rare for an elderly lady to offer you a CK2998 or a nice 105,003, which she accidentally found in a drawer and whose value she has no clue about. I am also afraid that the times are finally over, where you can find cheap models at the flea market, in the pawnshop or in an antique store. The internet has ensured this, and the market is now very transparent. Today, anyone can quickly research or compare the market price of a special speedmaster on chrono24.com or with another source.

Hence the question arises: where can you find a nice used or vintage Omega Speedmaster? Here at chronologicalwatches.com you can get more different models of the retro watches fashion. In the following I would like to provide an overview of the possibilities in general and to mention some addresses in particular.

Conventional business with online offer

There are some fine addresses for used and vintage watches that always have a number of speedmaster models in stock. So far, I have not yet found one that specializes exclusively in this, but several that focus on Omega. Their advantage is that they are both online and have a shop, where you can actually see and also create the watch. This is especially important when buying a speedmaster.

Shops that we can recommend:

our site. (in English)

our site.

our site.

our site. (in English)

our site. (in English)

our site. (in English)

Omega-Speedmaster models in auction houses

Occasionally, auction houses like Antiquorum, Bonhams or Christie’s have their share of Omega Speedmasters. They have the advantage that the most coveted and special models come to light here. The downside is that you may have to bid with many competitors. It is also necessary to calculate the 20 percent commission fee and any repair or service. But the good thing about it is that you can get a nice speedmaster at relatively cheap prices, especially with more unknown houses. Another auction house that should not be ignored is ebay. I have found and bought some of my most beautiful speedmasters. However, either the purchase price should be really tempting or a certain trustworthiness of the seller should be guaranteed. If you go this way, you really should know yourself. This applies to both ebay and the other addresses we have mentioned.

Online market places

I have already briefly mentioned chrono24.com, which is the world’s largest online platform for watch sales. This German company has 1,000 professional dealers who offer their watches and more than thousands of private sellers. The daily offer includes over 160,000 timepiece. To find used or vintage watches, you can use the search filters on the left side by entering “Omega Speedmaster”.

Here is a search example with a result of more than 1,000 Omega Speedmaster professionals.

Another great offer is WatchRecon.com. Here you will find a selection of different sales forums (see below). Of course you can also access regional online market places. However, please make sure that you buy from a trustworthy source and that you are really familiar with it.

Sales Forums

If you already know websites like WatchUseek, timezone and PuristsPro, we probably won’t tell you anything new. If not, go to these platforms and see their respective sales forums. There is definitely a search function for locating Omega Speedmasters.

We definitely recommend a visit to our site.–an excellent initiative with a vibrant Omega community and a sales forum. Both professional retailers and private people offer their Omega Speedmasters here. There I found my Speedmaster Pro Snoopy Award and Speedmaster Pro Apollo 13. Other sources are regional, i.e. country-related, forums such as our site. (UK) or our site. (Germany) and so on. Again, the golden rule applies that you are either really familiar with and/or should be able to trust the seller.

And which Omega Speedmaster is the right one? You can find out here in Part 1 of the purchase advice.

The 5 most important buying for modern and used Speedmaster watches can be found in Part 3 of the purchase advice.

Robert-Jan Broer, born in 1977, lives in the Netherlands. His passion is watches. He is the author of various watch magazines and has been operating the blog Fratellowatches since 2004. On Watchtime.net we provide you with his articles in German: our site.

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