Where Can I Buy Custom Aprons

An apron for cooking and baking is very convenient. It protects the clothes underneath from dirt and stains that might otherwise not go out. Even when grilling it protects the clothing.

The apron is made of 100% cotton. The actual color of the cooking apron is wollweiß, so a bit into beige going white. As an image for my Cooking Apron I chose my Our site  Logo. So does the baking for the blog even more fun. In the photo, which is printed on the apron, you can choose your own image. So you can give the skirt with an own photo or saying a personal touch and it is also great as a personal gift.The photo to be printed must be rectangular and transversely. The dimensions of the photo on the apron are 20 cm high and 30 cm wide. Here I have with my logo to cheat a little because the uploaded photo will automatically adjust to the width and is characterized with a photo in edgewise only see a part. With an image editing program I have created a suitable image with the correct dimensions and there inserted my logo. The photo quality is very good, following a detailed picture of the imprint of my apron.

The apron is available in a standard size and has to be adjusted at the back with ties to the size. The band at the neck is fixed and can not be adjusted.

The apron currently costs € 19.95 and € 0.99 handling fee and 2.95 € shipping. So a total of € 23.89.After ordering the skirt I have three days later received confirmation that the goods will be shipped and again two days later, the skirt has arrived with me. When ordering a skirt a white Ovenglove obtained even now. This I bring bread out of the oven already tested and I have not burned hands.

The apron was kindly provided by Homethodology free of charge. I was allowed to write my opinion about freely and was not affected.