When Phone Calls With Whatsapp Is Useful

Recently, you can talk Android with WhatsApp. You should not be surprised that you are using data volume on the way. Instead of using classic tips on consumption, you can check with us when making calls with WhatsApp. And above all: even better than other communication channels!

How Whatsapp Calls For Android Works

WhatsApp calls is available for Android and BlackBerry 10 according to Itypetravel. IPhone owners and friends of Windows Phone still have to be patient. With an Android you are talking about WhatsApp a children’s game.Starts the app and calls the function via the contact list. Calls or calls are only those contacts whose Android version supports the telephone function. Just tap the contact you want to call. Here we go!

Why Warn Many People To Talk To Whatsapp

Advisors and media have pointed out since the start of WhatsApp calls that the service consumes data volume-often more than the user is aware. Many mobile operators limit the monthly volume, but offer a fee-based extension. Or you surf for the rest of the month in snail tempo. The consumption of WhatsApp telephones naturally affects both sides. Concrete values ​​you can find in the test of AndroidPIT. How high the data streams and thus the actual consumption are, depends mainly on the duration of the conversation. This does not mean, however, that you have to do without the calls function!

No Reception, But WLAN: When Whatsapp Calls Is Reasonable

WhatsApp calls is incredibly handy. For example, if you have no or bad reception in the house with the mobile phone. Your WLAN runs against it well, so why not telephone over the Internet? This option is not available since yesterday, but WhatsApp simplifies the process. Or you take your phone with in the cellar, where the wireless network still funkt, while the mobile phone reception stalls.Either way: If a WLAN is available, you can make free calls with WhatsApp.

Free Calls Abroad-With Whatsapp

Even more practical is this aspect abroad. There you should refrain from telephone calls over the data network-unless your tariff already includes surfing abroad. Better: free WLAN search (for example in the hotel), connect and with WhatsApp telephone. There are no additional costs. Also long-distance lovers or families living in different countries can simply use Wi-Fi and WhatsApp to make calls online, free of charge. When talking about country borders, you can save the most money.

And What Tariffs Are Suitable For Whatsapp Calls?

If you want to use WhatsApp’s phone function while traveling, you need volume, volume and volume again. Unless you keep yourselves briefly briefly and that also applies to your interlocutors. If you like to spend a few more minutes, your contract must already contain a generous data contingent.There are several possibilities, such as Vodafone Red with three or eight Gigabyte LTE volumes. Or you decide for O2 Blue. Or you simply telephones just normal with the mobile phone-which is at least for conversations within Germany the most favorable variant.