What to Wear for Holiday Travel Sexy

1. Surf Shorts

Man dressed in bright shorts on the beach is one of the most attractive summer visions. With such a garment can accentuate the figure.

Shorts lengthen the figure and stress relief body. It is advisable to opt out of the ordinary fitting swimwear and go entirely to shorts. Besides the advantages already pointed out this kind of shorts dry out very quickly.

2. Deep-cut vest

If you want to collect women’s eyes, pay attention to your muscles. Of course, the beach can cost both shorts, but there are more clever option. Buy a white or black low-cut vest. You might think that seems a bit reckless, but you do not go to work in this species. A similar garment is ideal for summer recreation. Besides the beach, so you can appear in local clubs.

3. Sand-shoe
Immediately specify that it is a plain sneakers. If puting sneakers with inscriptions and prints will look silly. Remember that you are on vacation and forget about the classic shoes and moccasins. Even the shoes are too sport vacation. And according to statistics, women believe sneakers for the sexiest summer shoes.

4. Plaid shirt
Checkered shirts no longer a priority only for farmers and tractor operators. Even now super modern in combination with a beard or a few days unshaven male face. You can select wholesale or retail box. This shirt is great for evening summer party or just stroll the streets of the resort town. It fits very well with jeans, safari pants or shorts in an appropriate pattern.

5. Jacket and Bermuda

Of course, jacket and pants must be in the same light casual style. This combination is a real holiday chic. So the man can be elegant, glamorous and look like a person who is self-sufficient. Put so for three-hour shopping or dinner in seaside restaurant. Incidentally, this aristocratic combination can be combined with sneakers, we have already spoken.

6. Soft sweater

Besides light clothes for a walk under the scorching sun in baggage must enter and sweater for cool evenings. Just do not even think about clothes with inscriptions and strange drawings. The best option is monochromatic sweater, which will feel comfortable, and women will want to embrace you.

7. Quality suitcase

Sexy image that we want to build is created from the moment of arrival at the resort. Make sure that the suitcase to be branded or at least seems solid and expensive. The sports bag slung over her shoulder is suitable for boys. Your goal is to look manly. Note the dimensions when choosing the suitcase. Better suitcase is greater than carry extra bags.