What Should Take into Account When Purchasing a New Suitcase

The suitcase is an indispensable accessory to any woman, but we know it’s not always easy to find the perfect suitcase. If you are looking for a versatile model that gives for various occasions and styles, see our tips to know all the points you should analyze when looking for a suitcase for you.

We know it’s not always easy to get the perfect suitcase model, a versatile suitcase where you can keep everything you need for day to day, but it’s also elegant and comfortable for a night out, for example.

There’s nothing more annoying than always changing everything from suitcase to suitcase, and the most likely to happen is to forget something super important.

To assist you in choosing the perfect suitcase, we leave you here 5 tips that should take into consideration:

1 Size: This is the first and most important point. All women have different silhouettes and statures, so it should always adapt the size of the suitcase to your body and to your needs. Always think of proportionality, see yourself in the mirror with the suitcase you’re thinking about buying and analyzing your size, shape and dimension.

2 style: Buy a model that suits to your style and your wardrobe. If you usually use more formal looks, look for a more classical and neutral model, you prefer looks descontráidos can bet on a more informal suitcase, with a fun pattern, or even a backpack. If you usually use colorful and standard looks, opt for a more clean model that can easily conjugate with other tones, if on the other hand usually uses look more monotones can risk in a more colorful and irreverent suitcase

3 handle: The strap is another important requirement to take into account. Analyze your endurance and your comfort. For example, the metallic handles or in current at the end of some time tend to hurt. Of course it will always depend on the model of the suitcase, if it is hand-held the strap shall have different peculiarities of a shoulder bag or in tow.

4 Interior: The interior is another of the peculiarities you must analyze. Beware of possible holes or fragile seams in the lining, to avoid losing coins or keys. Already in relation to the partitions and purses everything depends on your personal tastes, advised by Sciencedict. There are people who like to have many inner handbags and others prefer that everything is loose in the suitcase. See what your preferences are and adapt to the chosen model.

5 Closure: We have finished with another key point for choosing your suitcase, the zipper. There are several options in the market since with buttons, Veltro, Iman, clips, ties, the clasp Ecláir, through the tote bags that do not close at all. Once again, the choice is yours, depending on your needs and personal tastes. However, think that the suitcases that do not close are not as safe as the zipper and that the suitcases with complicated locks will end up being open.

In doubt, opt for clean tones like black and nude. Now see some suggestions for suitcases that fit all styles.