What Makeup Does Kim Kardashian Use

Ehealthfacts: its symmetrical face and super sculpted, his eyes sexy and magnetic, massive and flawless lips. Here’s how to make a make-up to her inspired.

Perfectly symmetrical face, classic sexy doe eyes, full lips and flawless make-up: This is Kim Kardashian, famous in America, not in Italy. Not having the symmetrical face and doe eyes sexy I tried to steal the only thing I could: the make up!
Long ago ran on the web a photo of the base of his make-up, a very pronounced contouring achieved before putting on foundation. This technique is so good for sculpting the face, thanks to the contrasts between light and shadow, and gives to it a radiant appearance.

Kim, in his look, leaves nothing to chance. Super defined eyebrows are the frame of magnetic eyes (thanks to the false eyelashes in kilometers), without ever leaving his lips in the background:once “bare”, emphasizing the volume, a red fire once, emphasizing their shape. I fear that in the life of every day any of us can enjoy for hours to achieve a similar basis, however, for a special occasion, I think it is more than feasible. You can then, for an evening, feel a bit ‘of the stars. I have reproduced his base make up and made ​​a make-up eyes that would put them into prominence. Not knowing choose between bare lips and red fire I have proposed both versions. Which one do you prefer?

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From the video you can see very well my transformation, the makeup really makes miracles.

Now it’s up to you. Which make up we want to play?