What Is The Best Travel Yoga Mat

Yoga accompanies you everywhere. Just like a good travel yoga mat. Because to chafe knees on hotel carpets or to practice with sweaty hands on stone or parquet floors Yoga, the joy can go ruin at practice. Do not ask therefore today three yoga mats as a useful companion on trips before and a gift certificate there are equal to.

The Comfortable

The Yogimat Sun is just 1.3mm thick and almost 1 kg a lightweight among the yoga mats, but provides complete comfort: It is extremely slip resistant and comfortable. Especially practical, we find that it not only can be rolled, but folded and easily washed. In addition, the mat is made ​​of a rubber-natural product, which is free from allergens, chemicals and pollutants.Unlike other rubber mats her smell dissipates very quickly.

The Eco-Friendly

Of the popular Jade yoga mats there is a special Travel Edition: The Travel Mat is made ​​of environmentally friendly and non-slip natural rubber and are also at a strenuous practice enough grip. However, caution on sensitive knees: with 0.3 cm thickness the cushioning on hard surfaces is not outstanding. But she scores again with a rather low weight of around 1.2 kg. Tall man people are happy about the XL version with 188 cm length.

The Lightweight

Who grabs only a small backpack or has very little space in your suitcase can also become a Yogatowelaccess. Usually, it is indeed placed on a mat, but for short trips can also only the edition used. Well suited for eg the Yogitowel is the result of the velor fabric even more grip than other towels. It is with only 0.4 kg lighter than any mat and of course washable.

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