What Is The Arrow On The Iphone?

In normal usage, the arrow on the iPhone always appears again in the status bar. Often it is completely filled, but occasionally only the contours appear on the display edge. But what is the symbol at all and how can you make the appropriate settings on the iPhone?

Convenient Control Icon Since Ios 4

Already since iOS 4 the arrow on the iPhone display is an integral part of the mobile operating system. It serves as a control icon and informs you as a user that an app accesses the iPhone location services, which determine the position of the device based on GPS and some other data.Through the location determination of the smartphone get apps position data supplied, which in good conditions up to a few meters are accurate. With these data, for example, the camera app can save where you took a photo and place it in the metadata of the photo. The app of the Deutsche Bahn can automatically determine where you are, by means of the position data, and provide you with a suitable connection for a stop or a station near you. Naturally, the various navigational apps also constantly resort to the location services to guide you to the destination. If an app uses the location services, this is made clear by the filled arrow on the iPhone, which is then displayed in the status bar next to the battery symbol. For this an application does not have to be actively used by you. Many apps also regularly access the position data in the background to perform their service.

Geofencing: The Somewhat Different Kind Of Position Determination

In addition to the filled arrow, there is another form of the control symbol. If only the contours of the arrow are displayed, the geofencing function is active. The location function is not permanently accessed. Instead, the smartphone determines the position at regular intervals to determine whether you have entered or left a particular area. The geofencing feature is used, for example, when you have created a location-based reminder that should alert you to something when you arrive or leave a place. In comparison to permanent location determination, geofencing requires significantly less energy and protects the battery.

IOS Offers Extensive Settings

According to cellphoneexplorer, the operating system of the iPhone provides you with extensive settings, which can be used to influence the use of the location services. This not only allows you to deactivate the location function completely, but you can also specify for each application if and when it can use the position data of the iPhone. The corresponding settings are hidden behind the Privacy section in the iPhone settings.By tapping on location services , you will find all the different ways by which you can adjust the use of location services.

At the top you have the option to deactivate the position determination completely for all apps.Below you will find a list of all installed apps and can customize the location services for each application individually. With the help of this listing you can also determine which app used the location services in the past. If you find the purple location service icon, the software has recently determined the location. A filled gray arrow symbolizes that the iPhone localization services have been used in the last 24 hours. If you see lilac contours of the arrow, use an app geofencing.

Prevent Positioning: Data Protection And Longer Battery Life

If you are using an app, you can go to the settings to determine if and when an application can use the position determination. In doing so you should proceed as restrictively as possible, after all, it is quite sensitive data, which should not get into the wrong hands. The frequent use of GPS also has a noticeable effect on the battery life of the iPhone.

If you choose “Never”, you completely deprive the app of the right to use the location services.Alternatively, you can usually choose “When using the app” and “Always”, whereby the first option of the app only allows access to the location function when it is actively used. If you select “Always”, the software can also determine the position of the smartphone in the background. Please note that you may no longer be able to use some functions that require a position determination after deactivating the location services. For many apps, you can simply enter the location manually.