What Happens with My Applications When I Switch from Terminal?

There is a recurrent in Engadget Android answers that question to all us through the head when we change Terminal, buy a tablet or simply change our Android ROM. What happens with applications that we had? Appear again without more? And purchased?

Once activated the terminal (either new or by change in ROM), Google Play gets to download and automatically install the applications that we had at the other end. Do purchased? Also, they are without having to pay again for them. The only requirement is to have Google Play in our Android (normally you have to install it separately in the ROMs).

If for any reason our Android will not automatically download applications only need to open Google Play in “ my applications ”, “ all ” can see the applications that we have installed throughout history and we can install them by hand.

Change of terminal problem is that the data associated with the application are not saved in the cloud (hopefully Google to solve this soon) and would therefore lose all settings unless the application itself have their data stored in the cloud (e.g., Dropbox, Gmail, etc.). So we would lose our advances in Angry Birds, for example. To avoid this I recommend Titanium Backup (need to be root).

The last thing that remains to us is what happens if we have two terminals Android, for example, a phone and a tablet, which we have on at the same time. Can we have our payment applications in both devices? The answer is Yes. Unlike other stores, such as Steam for PC, the purchased applications can run simultaneously in several terminals.