What Guys Think About Makeup

Have you ever thought that so many of our “beauty secrets” are actually for men something inexplicable? We tell you everything you do not understand and when, poor things, can be justified.

Women and Men, parallel universes.

There are scientific studies that prove how men are unable to understand and sometimes listen to their companions.

Men can not enter into our heads when we talk about family, travel arrangements, priorities in the report.

Do not be surprised if even, indeed especially, as regards Beauty, Hair & related … often our choices are misinterpreted.

There are in fact the beauty secrets , indeed quite questionable, to which we women do not give up and we know that people find disgusting.

(Disgusting is the right word, I’m not exaggerating pathos to include in

the article, quiet. I have my confirmation. )

6 – The dreaded GLITTER

For example, men hate all that is glitter.

Especially on your face, or hair.

Things that after an appointment together feel compelled to suck in car interiors or risk shimmer for the rest of the week.

5 – People do not understand the Nail-Art

Not to mention the redone and multicolored fingernails, maybe very long.

Do not understand the nail-art , and in certain cases we can really refute ?!

4 – Shatush? For them is incomprehensible

And behold, we will never give up, but also shatush and sweeping are not in the top ten of human preferences.

We wonder why would we spend 80 euro to the hairdresser to have already re-growth, and the double color for them is a little feminine contrast.

3 – They do not understand even the Lip Contour

Not to mention the pencil is used to accentuate the contour of the lips.

We seem of little chic Drag Queen.

2 – They see the elaborate hairstyles as Traps

Men find it hard to understand also all those elaborate hairstyles that include braids, lacquer and the like. They love to touch our hair, and in this way can only become entangled as in a dangerous spider because of hairpins and the rest.

1 – Banish false eyelashes and show themselves with face masks

As for the eyelashes, you try to use a bending tool in front of them.

Will look at you in awe, frightened like a Saw episode.
Pencil, gel colors for eyebrows are what farther might exist to make us appreciate by a man.

Why change what we are?

The male, when in love, do not ever notice certain “beauty secrets”, in fact, will make you angry admitting to love you so much more when you have her hair uncombed and you’re in the suit.

Ps: a friend advice. The 90s are long gone, if we can not give up what is listed above, we avoid at least wear the dancers!