What Color Scarf Should I Get

It’s summer, and yes, I write a scarf-Review. Personally, I am one of the people who really wear any season scarves can. Especially those in powder colors are kept: My personal trend color of the summer! You can to be gorgeous gray, white, taupe and combine a number of other earthy tones and it looks to tanned skin also outrageously good. Those like me who stands to simple outfits that nevertheless have a contemporary twist, which may also metallic accessories combine to. I love my example silver Espadrilles this, but also pink gold looks fabulous from. Pastel shades are true all-rounders. Let our complexion shine in summer, give us something soft, feminine and delicate. At the same time you can with this color but also put great contrasts , for example, with a rocking leather jacket or black shreds jeans. What better fits your type, decides alone her. With the scarf from Beck Söndergaard you have in any case a great statement piece.

So Simply Combined Her the scarf From Beck Söndergaard

I love him in the summer to a white shirt, dark blue ripped jeans , my powder-colored bag and silver sandals. Or a white dress and my sweet raffia basket with nude colored ballerinas. No matter how it is combined or stylt, one sees always fresh and tightened and the outfits get a touch of lightness. Funnily enough the scarf fits with me to pretty much all latest favorite things: my powder-colored handbag to my Handyhülle to my headphones and my silver glitter sandals. You see already: a true winner!

The material is very soft and the fabric is super thin and delicate, so you really do not come to sweat. And should it get too warm you yet, you can repurpose it in a flash as an accessory for the handbag. For me as a scarf lovers an absolute summer must-have.

We thank and our guest blogger Judith, exclusively for the Kaufh of tested scarf from Beck Söndergaard has. More by Judith you read on her blog Miss Feigenbaum or beauty magazine of Galeria Kaufhof.