What Are the Risks If We Don’t Vaccinate His Dog?

Do not subject your faithful animal to unnecessary risks!

Today, I would like to tell you about my friend Ralph, the Bernese mountain dog of the neighbor nice. Always crazy and somewhat mocking, he was laughing at me whenever my Mistress was going to get vaccinated, because he never had to suffer the sting of the dog vaccine… Until he catches a nasty disease who nailed him to the basket for two weeks. Ralph will be my perfect example to talk about the importance of vaccination of the dog.

Do Not Make a Dog Vaccine: Reckless Risk

The master of my friend Ralph has always found unnecessary vaccination of the dog , and he did not deprive tell my Mistress! Fortunately for me, she has never listened. The neighbor said the dog vaccine price is exorbitant, although even he rarely exceeds €50.

When Ralph got sick, his master quickly changed his tune. One, because he was worried about the health of his dog. And I have to say that I too scared to Ralph, as he lost his joy and his energy during his illness. And two, because he had to pay the costs of veterinary very important to treat the disease. Much more than the price of the vaccine also!

In the end, the neighbor took unnecessary risks on the health of the dog Ralph, a smart choice that ended play tricks on him. But don’t worry, buddy Ralph is now healthy, and his master does finally vaccinated.

Vaccination of the dog: avoid diseases!

A vaccine for dog is only a pinprick, and even if I hate it, I know that this shot protects me against many diseases, some of which are life-threatening:

    • Distemper
    • Leptospirosis
    • Leishmaniasis
    • Rabies
    • Hepatitis
    • The Parvovirus (or viral gastroenteritis)

Well, fortunately for Ralph, he didn’t catch a too serious illness. But if he had caught rabies, his master would probably have to put him down. It would be not recovered, and I’m not more!

Moreover, in case your not vaccinated animal bite someone (but I sure hope your pooch is too nice for that!) you may take criminal responsibility for his actions… Still a big problem that can be easily avoided through a few small vaccines!

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