Westwing Guide to Metal Table Lamp

If you are in a decorative process for your home, you may have noticed that lighting is essential to adding warmth and warmth to the home: they make all the difference! Ceilings with focal lighting are intimate and romantic, as well as extremely functional. If you agree with this idea and want to add touches of comfort in your home, follow the tip of today: bet on a metal lamp to make your environment even brighter and more stylish!

The metal lamp is extremely versatile and fits into various decorative segments. So the possibilities are numerous, they can suit your personal taste with ease and that is exactly why Westwing, the largest online store of home and decoration in Brazil, will give you tips for you to set the composition with the metal lamp , play joker to light with taste. So sit down with us and apply on the décor!

Use Metal

Metal is a highly effective material for the production of lamp shade. This is due to several factors, among them the resistance of the material when exposed to the heat of the bulbs even in different sizes and thicknesses. You can fit the metal into the lamp bulb in the layers of wire safely and still have a beautiful decorative piece, since the metal lamp is versatile and works well mainly in the modern, minimalist and industrial style.

How About Betting On Industrial Style?

The industrial decoration is a re-reading of New Yorkers’ sheds of the 1950s: brick walls, pipes and exposed beams, burnt cement floor… The industrial style gains space in lofts and, to make it cozy and comfortable, works well with colored textiles warm and upholstered in warm materials.

In addition, modern environments such as industrial style require bold luminaires in neutral colors such as white, gray and black. One of the ideal choices is the metal lamp, which will ensure a futuristic and modern effect on space.

Custom Metal Table Lamp

If you want to add a personal touch to the lamp, what about choosing a metal lamp at the base, but with a fabric-covered dome? That’s it!Determine the colors of the room and find a patterned fabric in the same shades. Coat the fabric of the dome with your choice of print and paste, letting it dry for at least 1 day. The result is highly personalized and will add its essence to the metal table lamp by Craftinlearning. After all, an effective decoration is one that transmits a bit of ourselves to space, either to reassure us daily or to tell us a little about the guests through composition.

Now that you know how to implement a metal shade in your décor, make the harmonic contrasts that will determine the creativity of your environment and choose the lamp that gives you the feeling you want to pass: white will add more light to the environment, while the yellow ones are able to add relaxation, warmth and intimacy to the space.