Westwing Guide for Retro Chandelier

That old look, however, with a modern air, has become a trend and offers aesthetic not only to the decor, but to specific items such as the retro chandelier: rich detail and inspiring piece, perfect for repaginating rooms and lighting with style. Chandeliers themselves are part of history and regardless of type or model, they create a refined atmosphere. When they follow a retro brand and bring a little bit of remote memories to the present day, they will inevitably be highlighted

The retro chandelier still has the advantage of combining with environments in other styles or that also follow traditional styles, with the privilege of giving a touch of nostalgia, be more elegant or stripped. And one detail: it allows greater freedom when composing the decoration in conjunction with the lighting project. Follow the Westwing tips below to add a retro chandelier to your decor and ensure light with charm and originality.

Models And Strengths Of Retro Chandelier

Do you know those typical grandma house lamps, colored, lacy, with geometric shapes or patterned fabrics? For these are the ones that you prefer to keep in mind when looking for a retro chandelier! As its name suggests, this is the type of chandelier that follows a past trend and recalls striking features from decades ago.

Enchanting, retro chandeliers range in color from faint to intense. The most recommended shades due to their versatility in decoration are pastel or burnt shades, in which pink, brown, wine and orange fit. All will ensure elegance, if combined with classic and simple items , or a dash of boldness, when blended in bright colors.

On the models, the most common retro chandelier is the one that is shaped like a globe or half moon, glass or acrylic matte and with cables in the form of a chain. Usually, it is also covered by crochet, lace or painted fabrics. A conglomerate of chandeliers, each with shapes reminiscent of traditional lampshades, and classic pendants can also be considered retro chandeliers.

Where To Use The Retro Chandelier?

Virtually every room in the house is suitable for a retro chandelier decoration and fits well into a 1960s, 70s and 80s décor.

In the living room or bedroom, the use of a large retro crystal chandelier is indicated so that the room gains a Victorian and colonial style via hetongdiy.com, ideal for spaces that require more warmth. For the bathroom, also a retro chandelier with crystals, but reduced and full of luxurious details, which will leave the intimate corner of the house with lines of glamor.

Kitchens get highlighted with a retro orange chandelier that, if mixed with modern elements, will create an incredible chic boho. For offices or home offices, the tip is to bet on those industrial chandeliers with apparent wire and chromed metal, a great example of retro chandelier and that leave the environment sober and sophisticated.