Wedding Dresses: Model Tips For You To Shoot!

Were you invited to a wedding and still do not know what to wear? Well, for many women this is a very important detail, especially when it comes to parties like the  wedding , is not it?

So for you to rock in style among the invited guests, a2zdirectory separated some wedding dress tips for all types and tastes. Choose the ideal dress that suits your style and ruin!

Day Wedding

If the wedding is during the day, the ideal is that you choose lighter colors and soft that synchronize with the environment, such as wedding on the beach .

If you prefer you can even abuse the print of the dress, it depends on your taste. For you not to commit gaffes avoid the excess of brightness and extravagance, because all the glances will turn to you.

To make the right choice of your look, we selected some colors and models of dresses for you to shine in a day wedding. See also:

1-Wedding Dresses By Day

2-Soft Colors With Prints

3-Basic Light Colors

The baby pink is a very soft and feminine color that combines with all models of dresses, whether long or short, leaves your style delicate and charming in whatever occasion.

There are still the most basic and classic colors, who does not resist a charming turquoise dress or a sea-green? Are not you really a woman? They are beautiful and you do not lose the elegance!


5-Stripped Flowers

The floral, in turn, is a good option for the most destitute women, with good taste and who wish to surprise everyone of the party.

In the daytime wedding you can abuse the floral without fear, because the flowers give a more harmonious and feminist air. Both short and long dresses look beautiful all the way.

Evening Wedding

For you who were invited to an evening wedding, bet on the most vibrant colors and models of daring dresses depending on the place, but of course, without losing the elegance.

Long dresses are in the woman’s preference, but you can also choose a shorter, is to your liking, after all it is still chic.

Since marriage is the night you can rather use glitz and glamor, but nothing of exaggeration. Let’s look at some models and colors of wedding dresses at night:

6-Evening Wedding Dresses

For you who want to ruin and stand out from the rest, the tip is to opt for darker and different dresses with very striking colors like yellow, passion red, dark green, navy blue and even basic black, you will no doubt get super stylish.

8-Short Dresses

Are not the basic short-sleeved women not behind? In addition to making you feel more comfortable, the style gets pretty sophisticated even more with details of lace that leaves your look a mess.

The models of long sleeves dresses and the bows also look great for an evening wedding because they leave you super fashion without losing the class.

9-Dress In Sequins

Glitter is an item that many women do not let pass, especially when it comes to dare in style.

The pedrarias and sequins in dresses are a great trend for those who seek sophistication and glamor.

If you want to adhere to this trend the tip is to choose a short sleeve sequin dress with bare back model. Your look will amaze everyone and leave a special charm, what’s up?


The low-cut dresses, though sexy, draw attention to where the woman goes. If you want to wear a more provocative outfit at the wedding party, abuse your cleavage. We bring some models of low-cut wedding dresses:

10-Low-Cut Dresses

Accessories And Footwear

An important tip that you can not forget is the combination of your look as a whole and not only worry about the dress, that is, the accessories, hairstyle, makeup and footwear should be according to your look.

Nothing to wear everything in the same color, as it makes your look rather tacky. Always dare in gold, silver, beige or black for footwear, but if another color has synchrony with your look.

You can wear it without fear, for example, a black dress with a red shoe is a luxury.

11-Combination Of Accessories And Footwear

12-Makeup For Wedding Day

For you to look beautiful does not have to be loaded to attract attention, especially if the wedding is day.

Look for lightness in the shade and lipstick color, as the intention is not to get too extravagant. Colors like pink, brown and peach are ideal for you to look beautiful and natural.

Try to avoid gloss because mouth with too much luster does not make sense for a day party. Use lipstick with a very discreet tone, such as pink, light brown and mouth color. Do not overdo the blush, use as natural as possible.

13-Makeup For Wedding At Night

At night you are liberated to use more strident colors, but nothing too much exaggeration.If you overload the shadow, do not abuse the lipstick and vice versa.

For a nice result, dark shadow and black eyeliner on the eyelids fall super fine. Colors like gold, silver are welcome in the make, but nothing glitter or glitter.

In the mouth invest in red passion, for you to stay dazzling, remembering that you can not exaggerate in the shade. For lipstick to last the whole party, the tip is to apply a little base on the lips and let dry before passing the lipstick.


Another detail that drives women crazy is hair, because choosing the ideal hairstyle is not such an easy task.

The options are varied: use loose or attached hair, side, coke, wavy, braids or ponytail. But for you not to err in the hairstyle, you must take into account the style of your dress, the shape of your face and the time of ceremony.

For those who have short hair the ideal solution is to use accessories such as tiaras and tabs. Your hairstyle looks simple and gorgeous!