Wedding Clothes for Guests

Even for those who have witnessed and received many wedding invitations, the arrival of the invitation yet, Yes, can cause chill down your spine and doubt a lot of people. And there’s no shortage for men and women with fears about what not to wear on occasion, Godfather, godmother, etc, the other guests need to be equally well dressed and stylish.

For men, the suit comes as best option, which, when in doubt, it’s the choice that you can’t miss, and usually leave the guests of the male Ward, impeccable. Who is not used to using this type of suit, must be very attentive to details like trim and the color of the suit chosen.
For example, if you choose a suit to the ton of beige or light grey, beige suits are most suitable for weddings performed during the day, and combine in men more Brunettes and black fur. Color them gray, combines best in skins.

So I don’t have error, choose colors that never make ugly, being perfect for events of this type. Invest in colors: Navy Blue, black and gray lead. Perfect for both day and night, they also contribute to a sophisticated and versatile production, which can be used not only at weddings, but in business dinners and other celebrations. Here at WeddingSupplyChain you can get more different models of the fashion dresses.

For women, it is also respect the time that will happen. If the wedding is during the day, then choose, country dresses with floral prints or a set of delicate fabric shirt and skirt, preferably silk, and a finish with a nice high heels, to protect himself from the Sun and give a touch of elegance , complete production with a nice Hat;

If the wedding is at the beach, it’s worth investing in dresses with prints more lush and colorful, in this case, make yourself scarce in jewels and sparkles. If it’s night, but in the city, sophisticated dresses, accompanying each season, colors are great. For weddings, whether night or day, where the attire is more casual, short dresses above the knee of bright colors too. But if it’s a formal wedding, is preferable to the use of a dress up to the knees, and can be assisted by gloves and hats, also at night, go long or short with sparkles, incremented for shawls and stoles. Already the very formal evening weddings, the so-called White Tie-wedding-prom-Princess, as this is the peak of sophistication and luxury, choose long dresses, long tail, fur, jewelry, and gloves.