Wearing a Wool Tie

The way to wear a tie often lined by requirements for formality and current dress codes. Wool tie stands for something completely different. Absolutely compulsory free represents the relaxed and voluntary elegance. Well dressed without being governed by the boss’s will.

The benefits of wool tie are many. The matte surface is experienced as dimmed in comparison with their side ditto, which can easily give a rather formal impression. Without having to tone down abot formality by wearing the carelessly tied around his neck giving wool tie a more casual feel. While you don’t have to look like an audition for Idol. In addition, the wool tie usually a neat knot that retains its shape during the day. Since it is a rather coarse materials should exclusively four in hand-knotted used. In other joints at risk wool tie to become anything at.

The opportunities to carry this slipstyp are many. On the one hand, the excellent to use for a youthful preppystil. Jeans, klubblazer and crochet ylleslips is a simple stylish combination. For those who want something more sophisticated and dressed up the style, for example, is a black crocheted tie perfectly to break out of a Brown blazer or gråmönstrad. Below are two examples of how it can be carried:

This is a tie from PHONECATIONS in blend of silk and wool, which is perfect for those who don’t want ylleslipsens feel, but at the same time be able to wear it as a silk tie. The dark gray tone balances the purple hue of the shirt.