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Sometimes it is something what does not give importance, but a well-prepared buoy is fundamental fishing. It will provide us with comfort and security. The buoy or float carrying an underwater fisherman in tow, gives countless advantages:

1.- One of them and perhaps the most practical of hanging her carabiners or hooks for accessories spare and non-essential for the practice of underwater fishing, such as:


NET bags

Rings or skewers holder fish

Harpoons of different measures according to the fishing zone to which we will go

Accessories spare harpoons, howitzers, cushions, rubbers, spare rods, etc.

Spear Extractor

Photo camera

Waterproof bag for regulatory and even mobile documentation

Boat water-resistant, with isotonic drinks and cereal bars

2.- On the other hand another advantage, their presence points to the next boats to nearby an underwater fisherman is, being able to avoid an accident. So whether deep-sea fishing or scuba dive, we must indicate the buoy with a flag alpha, according to the international code, it should be white and blue, indicating the presence of submerged diver. And the dive accessory clicks equipment.

3.- Another advantage would be the floating-point in need of rest, where the own fisherman is exhausted and no available float vest, you can cling to the buoy to rest for a few moments.

4.- It can also serve to anchor at the point in the case of reign strong currents, or mark the site of a den, discovered at the very moment that must go to the surface. In this case, clear, the buoy must be attached to the Harpoon and need to leave this in the background, along with the interesting place.

If, on the other hand, the buoy is attached to the belt of ballast and Fisher, on the edge of sleep apnoea, must be a “lightning” rise, you can release the belt to move with greater speed, security that is not going to lose it, for being engaged within or halyard floating buoy.

5.- Finally, another benefit might be of help when it comes to ascend with help of the Cape to the surface, in the case of having led to the limit time of apnea for various reasons.

Having reviewed the possible advantages, I can tell, that today there are plenty of ways to prepare a buoy, either in the first place by the number of models on the market, which vary in shapes, sizes and colors, that make every fisherman from a custom application to the buoy, and prepare it to your liking, by adding more or less carabiners and hooks replacing part of the Cape of the buoy floating halyard or elastic out, tying the Cape to the belt, Harpoon or a small leaded, placing a few accessories or others, etc. We can find different models: