Watch the World’s 25 Classics, Piaget Altiplano

Piaget is a company that is known for two things; being a luxury jewellery manufacturer of world class and being behind the thinnest watch and watches you can imagine. The most famous can be found in the Altiplano line.

The Altiplano is Spanish for high plain (specifically in the Andes) and it is not difficult to understand that it is the high school of flatness that was intended when Piaget named their thinnest watches in 1998, after having been a synonym of thinness for more than half a century. Piaget is, as previously mentioned, together with Jaeger-LeCoultre the best-known manufacturer of ultra-thin and the holder of many records. Already in 1957 made the brand the then thinnest manual movement cal 9 p, which is only two millimeters thick. 1960 came cal 12 p which is equipped with the brand’s characteristic mikrorotor and with their 2.3 millimetres was the world’s thinnest automatic movement.

The ultra thin works, which in many cases are delivered to other manufacturers, is part of Piaget’s core, but it is perhaps that which surrounds them that really makes the brand unique. Dimmed and sleek cases, boards are typically minimalist but often with an asymmetrical detail that disruption they create some of the most elegant of the imaginable. Altiplanoserien include both in around that square performance, but the ultra-thin technology is also available in the brand’s other series; the glamorous Emperadour-line, unobtrusive Dancer and, not least, the luxury sports model Polo from the seventies. A model which is also available in steel, as Piaget politely but firmly stated that they did not work with when Gerald Genta tried to sell Nautilusdesignen to the company.

When automatic work 12 p 50 years celebrated 2010 released the sequel 1208 p, even this ultra thin at only 2.35 millimeters, and thereby the thinnest on the market. In connection with the Jubilee was also released a series of new models like the 43 mm wide but still only 5.25 mm thick Altiplanovarianten. Other variations worthy of attention in the series are Double Jeu with its dual movement (where the lower shows a separate 24 h time), the beautiful gemsettade smokingvarianterna and not least the super-stylish 38 mm version with dauphinevisare.