Vivien Feisthauer Launches Collection Sum

Entitled SUM, the collection gathers 30 jewelry, including rings, necklaces and earrings, crafted, one by one, making them unique. Gold, silver, white gold, and precious stones made of electro, forming jewelry. However, the process of creating this work arose by the desire of joining methods already incorporated normally by Vivien enchantment with a Korean technique: cold forge joined Keum-Boo, giving rise to the sum.

The jeweler copyright works for years with the forge, one of the first techniques used in the history of jewelry store to form the metal. The Keum-Boo is a Korean ancient technique, which consists of gold leaf overlay on the silver. The Union of these elements, the creativity and touches of delicacy of precious stones like diamonds, tanzanitas, citrus, sapphires and turmalizas can be read in this release.

“The collection SUM represents several layers of my work over time: Arts, jewelry, different materials and techniques in a same piece.”, explains Vivien Feisthauer.

<strong>About Vivien Feisthauer</strong>

Artist graduated from FAAP and jeweler, Vivien began in the universe of jewelry in 2003 and soon identified with the cold forging technique. Participated in various national and international events like the 2010 and 2011 New Yourk SOFA, and the New York Design Week 2012.

Its partnership with the Designers started since 2008, when the Gallery emerged.

<strong>About the Designers </strong>

Conceived by designer Cristiane Maradei, the Designers was born of desire to expose the jewels as if they were in an art gallery.

In the heart of São Paulo, the Fashion Designers exposes today more than 60 jewelry designers Brazilians and Latin Americans, visit the store is a discovery and a pleasure.

<strong>Service SUM by Vivien Feisthauer:</strong>

Launch Thursday, may 4, of 17 at 9:30 pm.

Designer Central-Alameda Lorena, 1616 – gardens