‘Vitrolaria’ Project Gives Life to Forgotten Objects in Basements

Inside Minas, advertising company Leila Vilhena creates the “Vitrolaria”, making her passion for old turntables a cultural movement and a creative business.

The sound of the needle scratching the vinyl record, sounding bass and treble frequencies that escape the MP3, is incomparable.This is the statement of many people who are looking for new musical experiences in music.A movement that goes far beyond the retro wave and accesses affective memories, makes the time to listen to an LP almost a ritual.It was in this universe that the advertising company Leila Vilhena, 38, created the “Vitrolaria”, a store specializing in sales in old appliances, which she mines, recovers and announces in social networks.

Credits:Sandra Ribeiro

Leila Vilhena bet on the hobby to invest in new business

It all started in the basements and dusty garages of the neighborhoods of Poços de Caldas, a city in the south of Minas Gerais, where Leila was looking for antique objects, especially record-players and CDs to listen to at home.When friends learned of the findings, they began to search for information on purchases of these old turntables, as over the years, many ended up having only records, with nowhere to hear them.”These requests were so recurring that I saw potential for a different legal venture: to look for old, functioning, but out of the way, vintage ones,” he said.

And it worked.Ever since the project started, just over three months ago, Vitrolaria has already sold a dozen glassmaps at foodanddrinkjournal. In the first three days, she received more than 30 offers for a Philips 503 yellow.But the routine between mallet fairs, flea market and countless garages on the outskirts of Poços and other cities is still ongoing and is the main and most pleasurable activity of the entrepreneur.”That’s how I get to several beautiful little windows,” he said.

But, everything was not simple.Not all of the tabloids found by Leila in searches made in garages, personal antiques and fairs were working, on the contrary, most were spoiled, though with a good appearance.

“That’s when my first big problem came up in this small business.I do not understand anything about electronics.I have been human since I was born.Despite the certainty that the business could work out, I knew I would have to learn how to rearrange the jukeboxes, but how?In addition to a lot of study and dedication that I would need to have, I went out looking for an electronic and I ran into a new problem: only older people know and know how to make music boxes and there are very few who are still willing, since it is something that demands work and time.I looked for some time and after some rejections, they indicated to me a gentleman that perhaps arranged.It was a meeting of destinies, but he made me swear to secrecy: ‘if you tell someone I fix these old things, you do not even have to come back here.’And so a friendship was born that helped me recover more than 20 cellos in a month and sell some, “Leila amused, remembering the story.

With a lot of insistence – and the promise to maintain the identity of the secret electronic – Leila conquered with him, the opportunity of, twice a week, to learn how to recover the glass cells and thus, to be able to continue with the office and continue with Vitrolaria, in a more Autonomous

For Leila, the “garimpo” of the vitroclastic is the most fun part of the hobby that also became a job.”It is very exciting to go out looking for something, but not knowing what will appear, what kind of device I will find, if it is badly damaged, if we are going to find repair parts, anyway.And it’s wonderful when I come across old equipment, but very well maintained.It is also very nice to meet some ‘old people’ well with life, which has several rarities in the garage of the house.It’s fantastic, “he said.

The affective memories are also stimulated with the restoration and sale of the old recorders.”I love when I listen – and listen a lot – people talking: ours, I saw the photo of the phonograph and I remembered my father, my grandfather.I’ve been told about beautiful family situations, which make me very happy with what I’m doing.It’s also a way to meet and find stories.”

Credits:Sandra Ribeiro

Musician Emmerson Nogueira was one of the buyers of the old

Listening to discs as pleasure and not just business
In addition to a business – the manufacture of vinyl records, the famous LPs (long play) grows about 60% per year according to Polyson, the only Latin American product factory – Leila invested in “Vitrolaria” as a form of Also find other lovers of cookies, in order to share together good moments listening to music on the old stereo.

According to Leila, currently, the age group of the public that searches for “Vitrolaria” is of people between 25 and 37 years old.”They are not old and nostalgic people, as you might imagine.My audience is 100% young.I see there a search for the most retro, vintage lifestyle, “he said.

In addition to the pleasure of recovering recorders and listening to the records on them, there is also, as Leila explained, the social impact of the project, which is linked to conscious consumption and sustainability.”Why buy a new product if we can recover one?If we get by to run an old record player?This prevents more garbage being produced for the world, outside the economy, because a new record player costs from $ 700 and in “Vitrolaria” we have from $ 250″.

As the search for the handsets grows exponentially, Leila thinks about developing a site with direct sale, although it finds the relation until then interesting.”People find me on the Instagram, they do not even know me, they take my bank account and make the deposit, based on confidence, as it used to be, when the phonographs were manufactured.I see the internet makes relationships easier.”

After that, the mailing is done by mail, but not without much affection:”I usually shoot the needle, which is very easy to break, and I pack separately.Then I put bubble wrap on the phonograph, which is for her to be well protected.Then I put it in a cardboard box and go to the Post Office.So far everyone has arrived well and looks forward to Palmas (TO), Recife (PE), Maringá (PR), and other nearby destinations. “Recently he even delivered the hands of Emmerson Nogueira.