Virtual Sky Ceiling Lighting Brings The Sky In The Office

With the virtual sky light blanket, the dream of working in the open air can come true, if only virtually. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for industrial engineering IAO have developed the concept of the luminous ceiling together with colleagues of the LEiDs GmbH providing by means of LEDs, the feeling of working under the open sky, in the offices.

The virtual sky ceiling lighting can be installed, which extends over a whole room ceiling. With the dynamic luminous ceiling, the lighting conditions are reproduced as they arise such as withpassing clouds in the open air. With this special kind of lighting you want to create an more pleasant working atmosphere. Also the Bright blind, the virtual Windows bring light into windowless rooms are interesting in the field of lighting.

288 Leds Per Tile

A such virtual sky light blanket consists of 50 times 50 centimeter elements. These tiles have a circuit boardon the 288 LEDs are housed. The boards are fixed to the ceiling and can be connected with other boards. A diffuser foil in white, which is installed in about 30 centimetresbelow the LED, ensures that the LEDs can perceive no more than individual light points. Viewers perceive such a surface as a homogeneous luminescent surface. The researchers use Red, Green, Blue and white LEDs, which help up to 16 million colors present themselves to represent, to which they desired light spectrum. The right lighting is as important for people shows the SEQINETIC light glasses, that world can dispel the winter blues.

Replica Of Natural Lighting Conditions

One of the main tasks was for the researchers to imitate lighting, how to find them on a cloudy day. The dynamics of the light one such cloudy day is imitated by using the LEDs. This man made sure that users not directly perceive the changes in the lighting conditions. This prevents a distraction by the changing light conditions. There is already a prototype dynamic light ceiling “Virtual sky” which covers an area of 34 square meters. 34.560 LEDs have been used in this prototype. The prototype of the virtual sky puts it at full power to 3,000 lux. Already500-1,000 luxwould be enough, because these light levels perceived by users as pleasant. During the CeBIT 2012 by 6. Until March 10, 2012 will take place, you can admire the virtual sky on the Fraunhofer booth.