Viola Milan Launches Slipskollektion

Viola Milano has in recent seasons been the market for bangles by storm and has been seen on numerous well-dressed men at both Pitti Uomo that around in the blogosphere. The next step in the company’s development is that the week launched its own slipskollektion consisting of a series of kashmir and grenadineslipsar.

Grenadineslipsar we wrote about recently here at Manolo and when we love these models, only the positive with the new actors are appearing on the market. Viola Milano offers its grenadineslipsar in eight different shades of silk, all in 8 cm width and with unlined and handrullat trades. This is according to us the perfect execution and in combination with a six fold design produced by hand in Italy, it becomes hyperintressant.

The second part of the collection consists of kashmirslipsar which is for fall what grenadineslipsen is for spring. The perfect tie for a casual aware and elegant interpretation of slipsbärande without the stiffness that can easily occur when one wears a tie clip in the printed silk. Kashmirslipsarna comes in as much as 16 different designs color wise, with a focus on plain and portable.

Kashmirslipsarna has a width of 8 cm and a relatively thin feeling that gives them a stylish knot. Even these have unlined, rolled edges but this has chosen a seven fold design and a really exciting solution for this on the back.

Grenadineslipsarna is located at €115 and Kashmirslipsarna at €175, and the entire collection can be seen and purchased on Viola Milan website.