Vintage Underwear

If you decide to add to your wardrobe several products from underwear collection Hopeless 2010, the chance to remain hidden (spring) is small.

And how will it be?

Underwear on display is more modern than ever, and these adorable made of natural materials parts are just perfect.

Even if you are used to classify classic women’s panties and boxer shorts with high waists as”grandmotherly” and uncomfortable, we can not but admit that the products of this collection would make it so that every woman can look sexy.

If you wear this style vintage lingerie, earning double-you will feel comfortable and give you warm at the same time. And judging by the icicles on the terraces and the trees outside, it is more than important.

Vintage Underwear

But their biggest advantage is the ability to retract pootpusnatite bellies and bottoms.

The materials constituting the products are completely natural-silk, cotton and satin, and the colors are inspired by naval retro fashion in the 40s in the US.

Salute and march to the gallery above. Who is your model?