Vintage Typewriter Home Decor

Typewriters are witnesses of a bygone era. Ancestor of our beloved computer, they are making a comeback in our decor. Colorful and plastic in the 50 to 60 and most imposing and sober in the 20s, typewriters crossed several decades while inspired fashion and needs. Today, they decorate our interior while bringing a touch of vintage and nostalgia.

As we have seen in the Maison & Objet show in the new year, the vintage is always in the spotlight and typewriters are an effective way to bring that retro touch to your interior.

In antiques, you’ll find all types of models often at very low prices. For older models and restored, it will turn to flea markets or to an antique dealer. Models 30 and 40 years of Underwood and Remington brands are quite common. However, the models dating from the nineteenth century are rare.

Did you know? The Remington brand invented the keyboard “Qwerty “-Anglo-Saxon equivalent of our keyboard”QWERTY “.

Tip: Before buying your typewriter, make sure the keys work all by tapping. If they are blocked, it may allow you to negotiate the price. If they come down but nothing is displayed, it is probably the ribbon needs to be changed.

Typewriters in our office
When we think of typewriters, it is believed to work quickly and office. The typewriter creates a studious environment that invites to work. On the desk, it is compact and decorate without hindering you in your tasks.
Tip: To perfect the authentic side of your typewriter, please place a sheet in the machine and type a few words or a quote to motivate you to work.

Although this machine is not used for writing, it can give a retro look to your workspace.The typewriter can play on contrasts. color contrast with a black machine and a more colorful wall decoration. Contrast between modern computer and a bygone era symbolized by the typewriter. Contrast material, where the typewriter Metal opposes Wood’s office.

Also in the office, the typewriter may be part of a set of objects dedicated to writing. If you like antiquing, you might come across printing lockers; little boxes that were used to store printing letters today allow you to store your small office items like paper clips or staples. In this spirit, you can decorate your walls with posters and quotes that motivate you. On the web, ideas abound and you’ll be spoiled for choice in typography that will beautify your messages.
When the desk is in a room like the living room, the typewriter gives the feeling of having staged more than a workspace-if everything is tidy, of course!This small workspace is then integrated into your home without distorting your living space and reminds you constantly work.

There are many models of typewriters. The oldest are sober and bring style to a somewhat drab office. models of the 60s, meanwhile, are more compact and colorful. The typewriter orange bring pep to your workspace, while pastel patterns will fit perfectly in a Scandinavian style office, where wood and white are dominant.

Typewriters also remind the industrial era that is gone. A typewriter, a metal stool and antiques, as a former globe, contribute to undue Deco ‘trendy.
To warm a little too cold environment, do not hesitate to bring some raw wood touches, like here with wine crates.Diverted from their first use, they create the storage and are part of a process recycling craft.

Typewriters throughout the house
Although the typewriter stands for work, she finds a place in every room of the house almost. In the living room, surrounded by books in a library, it recalls the approach of the writer. In the dining room, set on a console, it decorates and creates a decorative bracket.
Alive & Kicking Design

In an entry, it is sometimes difficult to decorate the space.We fear losing brightness or visually burden the atmosphere.Put on a shoe cabinet, typewriter decorates without overwhelming the room. Feel free to associate it with a table lamp for brightness and a mirror to give the feeling that the space is enlarged. Here, we also like the diversion of the suitcase vintage that is transformed into pedestal.

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On a window frame, the typewriter may prevent prying eyes. Associated with some plants that appreciate the brightness of the window, the curious will see nothing of your interior.
Tip: Succulent plants are very trendy now. They require little maintenance, which is ideal when you have no (or little) green thumb!

The typewriter can be inspiring. It can be found in our interiors in other forms than the original posters, photographs, even only keys on a poster … It then retains the quaintness of the object in a subtle way.