Vintage Loft with Natural Touches

Creative reform couple apartment in NY
It would be almost a sin to mischaracterize the architectural detailsof a apartamentocomo the couple James Ramsey and Jennifer Blumin. Located in the New York neighborhood of TriBeCa, the loft built in the 1830 ‘s full of charming details: old Windows, apparent brick walls and a roof all worked on Tin plates. Virtually time travel until 19 century.
The $700,000 that spent to reform the property-which cost another US $1.8-milhões, came to make it even more special. He, Director of the design studio Raade she, founder of the company Skylight,adapting historical spaces, were the people most suited to operate such a transformation.
Soon arose modernist elements carefully chosen. White walls, oak floors and stainless steel appliances in the kitchen started to spike it with charm of another era that little Kingdom of nearly 200 years.A species of modernism, how would you define hot Jennifer.
At the entrance, leaving the old elevator, the warm climate can already be noticed. The light that enters through the vintage glazing allows tropical foliage to reach the top of the double foot ceiling. Adaybed pillows filled invites to a few seconds of relaxation – no wonder the offspring of the couple, Phineas and Theodore, chose thisas one of the Favorites.
Near the fireplace is the media center of the family, a base Cabinet, walnut, which evokes the vintage style of the stereos of the years 1960. The piece, created by Ramsey for a client, was recreated for his own use.
The kitchen and the dining room, rooms that commonly are very dark in buildings from that era, won new Windows, same strategy applied in the guest room and the kids.
To complete this mix of eras, the residence has won several natural touches with a hint of exotic. On the dining room table, was hunga beluga whale skeleton made of plaster. Pictures of a giant squiddecorate the guest bathroom. And on the wall of the children’s room, a walrus mask. “We love animals freaks”, confess