Vintage Fashion

Vintage is a word that is thrown away with left and right these days. Take any fashion bloggers, with mobile camera at the ready in front of the full frame the mirror in pojkrummet, which routinely calls all of their second hand garments as vintage. Since when is vintage and old worn clothes synonyms?

In order for a garment to be classed as vintage, it should come from a large historic fashion house and have at least twenty-five years old. Thus, never Acne or Whyred counts as vintage, although the herons to put tag vintage on your acnejeans with red seams from the ants. However, you can find a pair of Gucci loafers from the early eighties, you can in good conscience put the word in your mouth.

VintagesFinder is a webshop that is trying to preserve it soon lost the concept. This fall all the garments or the stuff within the limits of what can be called vintage. Among the goodies should the over hundred years old Louis Vuitton trunk, with old stickers and several orientexpressenresor in the back, be mentioned. As well as the forty year old Gucci-duffelbagen with authentic worn canvas and nicely aged leather handle.

If you’re not smoking for health reasons, you should reconsider your decision when you spot an old hand-painted ashtrays from Hermes. If you still want to give priority to health in front of the aesthetic in this little masterpiece makes it nevertheless nicely as ornament on the coffee table, even if it does not serve its original purpose.
On the site, most goods are not labelled, but you will need to contact the seller, so the conclusion that prices will “run away” is not particularly difficult to draw. But that’s the way it is with vintage-it costs.