Video Surveillance For Business

Video surveillance for business. You are concerned to keep under control your business. While video surveillance with access from Internet cameras take years to operate, so far there had not been a video warning system or video alarms effective. Systems used were the notification via email with a photo when detection was activated by movement of the camera or video recorder. This just delays in the delivery of the notification because of mail server or because the application itself in the mobile not supported (immediate) push mail.

In several post, deluxesurveillance has already mentioned systems “push alarm/notification”. But today we want to go a step further… While our camera choice to do so with such a function, we want to highlight another extra configuration that can help us for example remotely check its input and closure of our business.

In parallel with the own PIR sensor or the camera presence detector, in this case we use camera alarm inputs for wiring to the door of the room where we will place a door contact… Thus, whenever 2 door magnets to be disconnected will receive instant notification on your mobile phone with a video 15 or 30 secs before the alarm and other 15 or 30 secs later not to lose detail.

The advantage of this system is that we alert only when the door is opened and at the times that interests us (Shop/office openings and closures), discarding the detections when someone pass in front of the camera.

Forget about checking if schedules are met on your business, let the camera do it for you and let know you!

Aside from the mentioned video alarm system, the system works as a traditional recording system, and can review the recordings of earlier days. All locally in the same installation with a monitor connected to the recorder or remotely from a computer, mobile or tablet. Video surveillance for business can bring multiple benefits with the contribution of these technologies.