Video Catching Pms Storing Explosives in Demonstrators’ Backpacks

Group participated in protest against increased public transport fare in São Paulo

A video released by the website Jornalistas Livre caught the moment when military police put explosives in the backpacks of protesters on Friday afternoon (8) in downtown São Paulo.The boys participated in the protest against the readjustment of the public transportation tariff in São Paulo.The amount went from R $ 3.50 to R $ 3.80 this Saturday (9).

The demonstration organized by the MPL (Free Pass Movement) ended in confusion.The Military Police threw bombs with moral effect on the demonstrators.There were depredations, three policemen injured and 17 prisoners.

In the video, a group of young people appears being approached by military police of the Rocam (Oversensive Rounds Tobias de Aguiar) in the square Roosevelt, center of the capital.

At one point, a police officer collects material from the floor, which appears to be explosive.Soon after, the MPs interrogate the boys, clothes them and store the objects collected in the backpacks of the protesters.The cops realized they were being taped. Here at allSetBackpacks you can get more models of the fashion backpacks.

The video was taken to the police station and shown to the delegate.Even so, Mateus Machado Xavier, 19, was charged in flagrante for damage to property and possession of an explosive device.

In a statement, the SSP (Public Security Secretariat) reported that there is no evidence of misconduct on the part of the military police.”All the actions are filmed by PM himself, who presented at the 78th Police District (Jardim) images that show the suspect detained by firing an explosive device at the vehicles and security agents who were on the scene.”Still according to the note, “the Civil Police awaits the unedited images that, according to the inmate’s lawyer, the reporter responsible for publicizing the video in the social networks has volunteered to provide for research and expertise.”