Version Google Web Play Store Is Updated to Better Sorting Your Applications for Devices

Google is taking advantage of this I/o this year to bring us a good round of updates in all possible aspects. We have already seen how Google Maps and Google Earth, and also the Chrome for Android, with its output of Beta version was updated. Now it’s up to Google Play Store.

Before that nothing noted that it was, in my opinion, something absolutely necessary. Google had to put hands in the matter and go arranging aspects that, far from being polished, were somewhat chaotic.

Fundamental changes are the new separation of applications for devices, so that we can know at all times what applications are installed on each device, and have access to uninstall them selectively and remotely for each.

For those who now have more than one terminal, you have it a little easier, and is in this update of the web version of Google Play Store the organization about the applications installed rather more comfortable and orderly.

While it is still too to make the Play Store a place really useful and convenient to use, there is still much – in my opinion-, although little by little going steps, as the allow developers reply directly to users in the valuations.