Use the Tricks of the Lingerie in Your Favor

When it comes to dressing well, the lingerie appears first. they help correct some defects or value the body and forms with comfort and sensual touches.

The variety of colors, fabrics, models and sizes is huge: seamless that do not mark under the clothing and cause the ‘second skin’ effect, without or with bulge and blisters (to enlarge the breasts), with removable straps, panties with filler, as well as many other devices.

According to Patrícia Castellões, fashion lingerie consultant at Senac São Paulo, choosing the right lingerie makes a lot of difference when it comes to dressing and requires a little common sense via directoryaah.

“Today the market offers many options of models that perfectly fit the type of clothing to be worn. A blouse with a single front neckline, for example, requires a bra of the same model, a feature that manufacturers have created by putting removable handles and the consumer adapts to their use,”he says.

“Lingerie can do magic. Bras can increase breasts, lift them, push them away or bring them closer together.

Some tips for using lingerie to your advantage:

Bras with bulges and bubbles: increase, sustain and shape the breast;

The ideal is to choose the right tip for each occasion and that fits your need.

So if you have a wedding, graduation or any event that makes you go in search of a special outfit, do not forget to think in advance in lingerie, this is a key piece to make the clothes that you chose is like you waited in his body. The same applies to clothes of any occasion, but for special moments it is worth mentioning here.