Types of Makeup

A woman who works out special attention deserves in makeup, a woman who goes to a party must go good makeup, a woman I go to dinner with your sweetheart extra makeup that’s so important a makeup she’s every woman’s life and it’s not for you to stay out of it. We need to have some understanding of makeup than the rest we turn there are types of makeup that we should take as the basis for our daily lives. The makeup for the day’s work, for the night or for parties follow some step by step so that you can learn a little more.

A simple black pencil makes a difference in the face of the woman the visual is ready to face a dinner or a more formal party

We women need a basic kit that consists of a beige shadow, black mascara, blush pink, lip gloss and a creamy lipstick.

According to Ask4beauty, remember that the chosen look in makeup, you need to start preparing the skin, which, after clean and moisturized, shall receive base and concealer choice products, fluids and with sunscreen, especially for use during the day.

A beige shade in the eye and black mascara on the eyelashes.
Spend a bit of blush pink, only to leave a healthy look on his face.
Lightly colored gloss to enhance the lips.

Go around the entire eye, including the upper eyelid with a black pencil on the inside of the root of the eyelashes. To stay with a look more seductive and mysterious will.
Apply two coats of black mascara.
Increase the amount of gloss to your lips to gain more color.

Make a thick dash around the eye, very close to the lashes. Pass a cotton swab on the line, like delete the stroke.
Apply the mascara, two or three times to gain volume.
Change the gloss for a layer of pale pink lipstick.