Twitter Will Use Microsoft Tool to Find Child Pornography

The siege of child pornography on the web is closing more and more. Today, efforts come from Twitter, which will implement a technology created by Microsoft on the site to track more easily such content and help the authorities in punishing these criminals.

The software is called PhotoDNA and recognizes images from a database by hash calculation. So even if the pictures have changed, they are still identified by it. Facebook, for example, already use PhotoDNA since 2011.

There is no certain date for the implementation of the software, but according to The Guardian, he will be in use until the end of 2013 and will track both “extreme pornography” when infant.

Coincidentally, today the British Prime Minister David Cameron must first make an announcement in which he explains his next move to avoid the negative influences of pornography on children: make pornography of all “optional” types in the UK. That is, you must disable the filters that will be enabled by default, to have access to this content.

It seems somewhat radical “ban” all pornography so that children do not see it and to fight child pornography. But it’s for a good cause: Among the measures, the pornographic content that is violent (eg rape simulations) will be banned; It will create a black list of terms search used by pedophiles to find these criminals; and the police willwork with an image database of this kind to help imprison them.

Another website that recently released something was Tumblr, which made ​​it difficult to search for porn. Blogs with adult theme were banned from engines search (yes, like the Google) and those with occasional NSFW posts also have some restrictions in the searches.