Tropical Themed Home Decor 2016

A decoration for your home is always beneficial to the overall vision of the dwelling. There are many different ways to refresh the apartment or villa. This publication will present a colorful and fresh idea for tropical decoration.

It takes a few small elements that synchronized correctly will bring the summer in the room: a handful of sand, decorative umbrella, multi colored stone grit in different colors, glass sphere and effective herb.

Arrange the details on the counter in front of him and choose colors to taste and overall look of the room in which you will lay emphasis. Here’s how you can easily make this idea of ​​a tropical decoration.

Take the field and arrange rubble and sand at its base. Put green plant, so it looks like planted in tropical soil. Pierce umbrella “shade” and scatter a few stones around.

Each of us may have his own view of the arrangement. It is important not clutter colors and experience the pleasure of creation. So the finished decoration can be placed both on the dining table and the ledge on the bedside table or in the bathroom.

DIY decoration in the room. This is guaranteed to bring humor and charm of the room.