Tricks For Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring

The engagement ring is the most important piece of jewelry in a woman’s life.

Because he is finally not any piece of jewelry, he is the piece of jewelry! Almost every woman dreams of her proposal and the wedding already since she was a small child. How should the ideas and dreams of course the engagement ring so dreamy, followed by a fabulous application.

So that you really find the perfect engagement ring for your sweetheart, I will tell a few helpful tips and tricks that you should pay attention to you.

Which Ring the Best Suits My Future Fiance?

The range around the glittering proof of love is huge and is not easy to find the perfect ring that really suits the style the future fiance, but with a few tricks and the help of friends and family you will find certainly the right guy for them.

Unlike the wedding be held usually something simple, the engagement ring may be like something extravagant. As the ring should look like in the end really depends on the style of the loved one. She carries many pieces of jewelry together and combined with various metals and colored gems or more is the simple type with one or two subtle pieces of jewellery in gold? A look at the jewelry box worth definitely closer to research their style. Also a good tip that you can certainly help when selecting: asks the best one of the closest girlfriends or family members or asking her to accompany you in the purchase of the ring.

Where to Buy the Perfect Engagement Ring and How Much Should You Spend Budget?

First and foremost, the engagement ring is, of course, a symbol of love between two people and the great promise to enter the marriage with each other. Therefore, the moral value of the engagement ring is clearly in the foreground. Most beautiful rings can be realized with a slightly lower budget. Here I advise: searches for a jeweler who offers individual solutions and the ability to select all elements of the ring itself. When you have found the jewelry of your trust, gets not only a really unique piece, which carries your personal signature, but also as a unique piece, which the price corresponds to the processed gem and material! A personal engraving gives still the finishing touches your piece of jewelry.

On which hand is actually worn the ring and what size should you choose?

The vein of the ring finger of the left hand leads directly to the heart and is often also called love vein. In Germany, the engagement ring is worn until the day of the wedding usually on the left hand. After the wedding ceremony, it is quite common to wear it as a Solitaire ring together with the wedding ring on his right ring finger. Of course, this rule is no longer mandatory, and the ring may be worn according to taste on both hands.

To find out the correct ring size, must be one (s) not rarely inventive. However, the simplest solution is to bring an existing and well-fitting ring of the future fiance to buy or simply with a ruler to measure the inner diameter of the ring.

And Here’s An Important Tip:

The right time for the application should be well chosen. If you bought the ring already a while prior to the application, the future may find of course before him under no circumstances! Because sometimes we women just a sixth sense, and we go in a weak moment perhaps accurately on the search.

So that this doesn’t happen, here are a few do’s and Don’ts for the perfect hiding place. First, you should choose a place which lies outside your residence. Even if you’re sure, she would dig in your socks and underwear drawer or in your bedside table, I advise you nonetheless: goes on “Check number” and let’s keep the ring from a person of your trust, such as best friend, the loving MOM, sister or best friend of the future. If it’s still too risky for you, you can also simply store the ring during the period in a secure safety deposit box.

The easiest and safest option would be to hesitate not to long and to leave the ring up to the application to the jewelry of your trust. Because: “always surprise takes place. That’s where you didn’t expect it.” Wilhelm Busch

Wishes you much success