Travelling with a Bike

Travelling with your bike need not be especially awkward, pack it safely and well, you’ve all of a sudden a travel companion on your worldly explorations.

Unzip and drag!

Taking your bike on your flight is after all not so awkward. Be nice if a bicycle carton, ones that new bikes come in, with a little pack Materials from your local bike shop. Buy a roll of Brown packing tape. Just pack your bike and pull towards the Sun.

Here’s how:

  1. Screw off the pedals.

They unloaded “backwards” – högerpedalen is right hand thread and vänsterpedalen is left hand thread.

  1. remove the front wheel and tire.

Mount the front wheel and tire and tape the quick coupling on the spokes so that you know where it is. Mount the plastic protection on the framnavets axis so that they don’t stick holes in the box. If you have tire lights installed on the bike, make sure to remove such bike lights. See tips of how to removing bicycle tire lighting on Ebicyclelights.

  1. The handlebar.

Loosen the handlebar from the stem. Screw the front plate and screws.

  1. The Saddle.

Loosen the saddle with seat post. Ensure that sadelklamman can not fall loose from the frame and disappear.

  1. Drive train.

Put the chain on the big sprocket in the front and back around the Middle so that the rear derailleur does not stand out so much, but can move inward if subjected to pressure. Do you want to be sure that the rear derailleur is not damaged, you can loosen it from bakväxelörat (pictured) and tape it in a cloth under the chainstay. You do not need to loosen the wire or chain.

  1. protect the frame and fork.

Put on protective foam rubber or pipe insulation on critical areas of the frame. Put in a support bar in the front fork – a “pack stick” or a loose front hub that makes sure that the fork cannot be printed together laterally. You can place the handle bars along the toptube, or next to the front fork.

  1. place the bike and wheels.

Set the front wheel next to the bike on its left side so that the left crank arm sticks between the spokes.

  1. Pack the bike and front wheel.

Set the down cycle in the carton with the front wheel on the side of the frame. Put the handlebar on top of toptube (with pipe insulation in between) or hang it vertically along the front fork (depending on location). You do not need to empty out all the air in the tires, on the contrary, it is good if the wheels are not exposed on the bottom. Have a few kilo pressure in the tires.

  1. tape!

Tape up the box carefully so that no kartongflikar stand out as airport loaders can be attracted to lift in. tape even under the box and enhance particular carton all corners, these often dragged on the floor and can then easily be torn up. Write your name, telephone number and the hotel on the carton with a waterproof pen.

  1. Close your eyes and point out a location on the spinning world icon no longer appears.