Traditional Wall Clocks Already Have A Competitor: Coolest Clock Projects The Time And Much More

The watches traditional wall are one of those classic elements in the decor of any home, but a group of Austrian entrepreneurs has decided to take the idea further and take advantage of new technologies to develop what they have called-of something perhaps presumptuous way-like the “Coolest Clock”.

This wall clock is a gadget that does not display the time by itself. It has no hands or mechanical parts that are common in a wall clock, instead it uses a short-throw projection system to display not only the time, but other types of information on the screen, and do it with A customizable look.

Your watch users can control the look and functions of the watch from a mobile app. It can for example modify the appearance of the clock, in addition to what type of information will be displayed at any time.

Coolest Clock can take all kinds of forms, but also showFacebook updates, Twitter and even news headlines from various sources, show the location on a map – for example if we go in the car, so that our woman knows where We are-famous appointments, weather, to-do lists and reminders, alarms and, of course, the time in different time zones.

The creators of the project have already far exceeded their modest initial proposal of collection in the campaign of collective financing of IndieGogo, and will continue raising funds until the 29 of March. The initial promotions have been exhausted, but if you are interested you can make one of these watches for $ 179. If all goes well, the clocks will arrive next December in your homes.


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