Top 10 Yoga Poses to Sleep Better

Sleep well can feel like bliss. But most of us tend to get so involved with our stressful life that sound sleep becomes the victim.

Keep your body and mind free from stress before you go to bed lets you go into deep sleep. And what better way than to practice yoga to beat the Blues and help you relax? Yoga helps relieve stress levels and enhance relaxation. Here are 10 simple and effective yoga puts to sleep better.

Yoga for Sleep-the 10 best Yoga Poses

  1. Uttanasana-Standing forward Bend Pose:

Relax your entire body and put your tiredness, stress and anxiety to rest with this pose standing. A slight inversion pose, this improves the circulation of blood to the brain. The best level of circulation, for your time, softens your headaches. This also offers a good stretch for your hamstrings and hips at the same time relieve the tension experienced in your back and spine. It improves digestion levels, activating the digestive system. Shake gently to the side and slightly bend your knees to kick the strain off of your hips and legs.

  1. Supta-Vīrāsana Against Hero Pose:

This is an extended version of Vīrāsana which facilitates the rigidity experienced on the hips. A hip opening exercise fabulous, providing complete relaxation for the entire lower body. Place two pillows or blocks under her thighs to stretch my back completely. Along with improving your digestive fire, this posture relieves the pain felt in your lower back due to sciatica. A yoga pose right prescribed for insomnia, which is also known to be effective for relieving menstrual cramps.

  1. Balasana-Child Pose:

Mimicking a child at home-nothing is more tranquil than this pose. Relax the back, calming the nervous system, and folding your way to sleep. The quintessential relaxation yoga pose, he has the potential to calm the body and mind alike. Indulge yourself with deep breathing. Allow your forehead to rest on a pillow. Massaging your forehead gently, from left to right, will offer a better strain relief.

Baddha Konasana-4. Butterfly Pose:

Deepen the benefits of the pose Supta Baddha with simple Butterfly Konasana (Reclining Pose butterfly). Relieve the fatigue experienced from short and extended with this pose. It also helps in elongation of the knees, groin, thighs and even hips. Lie supine on your bed, feet together while pushing your knees out to resemble a diamond. You can put pillows and cushions under the knees for extra relaxation. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing pattern, and watch as your body relaxes your way to a good night’s sleep.

5.-Paschimottanasana Seated forward Bend Pose:

The incredible that he gives your back is really admirable. Along with refreshing your nervous system, it also calms the mind, ensuring greater relaxation. It also improves digestion by massaging your abdominal organs. The regular practice of this posture can even help in thwarting menstrual cramps and pain. Don’t exaggerate and bend forward trying to hold his fingers as he will hit the whole purpose. While exhaling, bend forward, hold your breath while in pose, and inhale as you resume your starting position.

  1. Marjariasana-Cat Pose:

This position is ideal if you have digestive problems. Along with improving your spine’s flexibility and strength, the pose massages the digestive organs. The better the power of your digestion, less disturbed your sleep will be. The pose in Yoga for better sleep also improves the supply of blood throughout the body, which helps to relax the mind and body completely. People who sit and work throughout the day should practice this pose before you hit the bed to keep the pain in my back and hips drives away. It also helps alleviate the stress experienced in the cervical, thoracic, and the lumbar spine.

  1. Viparita Karani- Legs up the wall Pose:

Are your legs tired and preventing him from sleeping deeply? So, this yoga pose for sleep is for you. A great way to relax the tired legs, this reversal put ensures a better blood supply to the brain. This means that your headache, stress and tension is bound to disappear, leaving you calm and relaxed. It is advisable to keep a pose for 5 minutes to enjoy its benefits. Keep your eyes closed and try the way of blood spurts in your heart.

  1. Savasana – the posture of the body:

Many of us, without knowing it, sleep in the posture of the body. Essential relaxation and restoration Yoga pose, that allows you to embrace your sleep, leaving out the your stress and worries the easy way. Just lie down on your bed without pillows, spread their legs and hands, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Put aside your concerns and embrace peace.

  1. makarāsana: Crocodile Pose:

This is an alternative to Savasana very practiced and is loaded with best restorative powers and relaxation. It helps to relax the body, relieve fatigue and stress, and calm your mind. Along with relieving the compression experienced in your lower back, this pose offers total relaxation. Relieve your back pain and muscle spasms with that stance and slide gently in sleep.

  1. Chandra-Bhedana Left Nostril breathing:

This pranayama helps to relax completely and allows your body to cool down. You can do it too, sitting in Sukhasana (Easy Pose) or Padmasana (Lotus Pose) or even lying down to your right. Close the right nostril completely and left nostril. Be inspired by the left nostril, closing it completely, and then exhale through the right. In this exercise, you always breathe with the left nostril and exhale through the right. An inhalation and an exhaust vent make a round. You can make 5 to 10 of these rounds to stand alone. Yoga leads to a relaxed mind, ensuring a good night’s sleep. However, yoga alone can’t help. Here are some tips that you can practice to ensure that you get the recommended 8 hours of very deep sleep.

DOS and Don’ts in addition to Yoga for good sleep at night:

. Eat at least 3 hours before going to bed. Never get in a workout of energy before bedtime. Avoid high intensity exercises like Bhastrika Pranayama breathing, before bedtime. Drink a glass of milk with honey 30 minutes before bed. Avoid working on the computer or watching a movie. Sleep at the same time [30 minutes here and there] every day. Take a 30 minute NAP in the afternoon for a good night’s sleep. Revisit the things that made you happy and contented in any day. Take a warm bath before bed. The idea is to bring down the temperature of the body, allowing you to relax. Don’t drink coffee or tea before bed. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes before bedtime. Keep your stimulants for the morning as they can disturb your sleep. Don’t pick a fight with anyone like him could disturb sleep.

Practicing these yoga poses to sleep better, at least 30 minutes before you hit your bed. In addition, keep the other DOS and Don’ts as well and see how your sleep becomes your buddy!

You sleep well? How many hours a day do you sleep? You follow a bedtime routine? Feel free to share your views with us in the comments section below.