Top 10 Most Beautiful Handbags

If there is one thing that pleases all in women are the bags! An essential accessory for every woman and also an object of the most desired. It is the normal shopper day, evening clutch or the top box, there are a thousand models for every need and preference. Every year, in fact, the designers create new beautiful bags but only some models are getting through fashions and seasons and become real it-bag: icon bags that never go out of style and that every woman would want in your wardrobe! Unfortunately it is not always possible because these icon bags have a price within the reach of all but dreaming does not cost anything!

So let’s see what are the 10 most beautiful and beloved vintage handbags of VintageWill who have made history:

1. Birkin bag

The bag icon to eccellezza is undoubtedly the Birkin bag by Hermès, a large bag from boho-chic flavor that is named Jane Birkin. The actress says she met the designer of Hermès, Jean-Louis Dumas during a Paris-London flight, and that these, seeing that Ms. Birkin could not put all his things in his bag Hermès, asked her to be able to borrow to make some changes.The bag was modified with the addition of a pocket and took the name Birkin bag  becoming one of the it-bag most desired of all time! The price varies depending on the model and the type of skin and ranges from a minimum of $ 6,000 up to $ 38,000.

2. Chanel 2.55

February 1955: Coco Chanel decided to create a bag for the modern woman and born the Chanel 2.55 (the name is inspired by the month and year of birth of the bag). A shoulder bag small in metelassé with an outer pocket on the back. Karl Lagergeld, when he became the designer of the fashion house Chanel after the death, decided to add the double C as an opening.Both the classic version and in the more modern remains the queen of it-bag! Timeless!

3. Bamboo bag

An iconic piece of the house Gucci reinterpreted the creative director Frida Giannini . A leather bag sewn by hand by Florentine leather trade expert with the handles real bamboo . A special bag that is different from all others, and that has become an icon undisputed among the it-bag! Pricing starts at a minimum of € 1,300.00.

4. Fendi Peekaboo

The beautiful Peekaboo bag from Fendi is a must-have for all fashionistas: large and soft with the inside available in many variants: animal, plain, floral, cartoon … Practice, great, fun and glamor … this bag is definitely one of the it-bag of my dreams!

5. Kelly

Another bag of Hermès, which has become one of the most glamorous handbags of all time! In 1958 the beautiful Grace Kelly, in an attempt to hide her pregnancy, she covers her womb with this bag that has since become the “Kelly” becoming the dream of thousands of women! Also this bag from a minimum of $ 7,000.

6. Dolce e Gabbana Miss Sicily

A tribute to their land, Sicily, by the two designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. A bag cured in every sartorial details that celebrates Sicily and sensuality of women of this land. Available in many variations, from the most daring with animal print, the sequins, the lace, the color block .. The price ranges between 1,500.00 and 2,000 euro.

7. Lady Dior

Built in 1995 for Princess Diana this bag is a real hit bag. Its unmistakable texture of lozenges and crosses it one of the most desired of all time bags. Available in various sizes, colors and materials is a real pearl of sophistication and style. Its price is 2,200.00 Euro.

8. Balenciaga

Another classic is Balenciaga: that it is the First, the City or Weekender remains one of the most popular handbags from celebrities and fashion bloggers. Available in many colors and versions remains an evergreen that never sets.

9. Yves Saint Laurent Muse

Even the famous Muse of  Yves Saint Laurent definitely falls among the it-bag most popular of all time! Very nice is the historical version and in the more modern “Muse Two”.

Several bags of Louis Vuitton have become real fashion icons, the most we want the Speedy bandoulière, l ‘ Alma and Nervefull MM. A separate discussion deserve the Speedy Bag  for years is one of the best-selling absolute bags, even on the more affordable price than the other it-bag (about 600.00 Euro).

Our rating of this it-bag most popular is over! What is your bag of dreams?? Write in the comments! A big kiss