Tools – Energizer Flashlight Review ATEX Headlight

So today in test-led flashlight the Energizer – ATEX PRO Headlight.Lantern given as взрыво/ignition protection intrinsically safe, respectively, is intended primarily for the purpose of job-worker peer into areas with greater взрывоопасностью. 

This can be a workshop with the presence of potentially dangerous in the air, gas mixtures, or взвесей-for example, coal mines, where explosions-it is not uncommon. It is also the flashlight can be of interest to cavers according to societypically.

Technical specifications

The ATEX standard: СЄ 0539 IM2/II 1 g Ex ia I/IIC T4 is op
· high power white led 1, 2 red led’s, 1 green led
· Double electronic switch
· Modes of operation:
The button 1 – red; -Green.
2 button-high intensity white; Low-intensity white
· Maybe a white glow and simultaneously one of the colored leds
· Shatterproof lens
· Рассеивающая retractable lens for зонального lighting software
· Anti-slip confidence belt captures the flashlight in the helmet
Located behind a battery pack distributes weight evenly for comfortable use
Rotating head
Estimated useful life of 15 years
Runs on 3 AA batteries (not included)

A few words about the manufacturer. Energizer is one of the world leaders in the manufacture of batteries, chargers, as well as a variety of lighting. The first action the battery, the company launched in the distant year of 1896, and in our days, it is hard to imagine a man never пользовавшегося products.


Street comes, sealed in blister with a bright substrate card. It mentioned that the light’s Green and Red leds are illustrated holding the lens and rotating engine block led, are also marked basic settings.

Among others, there is an icon of “protects”, not to be confused with “waterproof”-in our case, this is just about surprised by a storm–a small rain, for example.

Handle from a single battery charge, the flashlight can, in the neighborhood of 19 hours. The manufacturer recommends using Energizer E91 or EN91 battery AA format. In addition, the instruction forbids us to use alkaline, zinc-carbon and rechargeable batteries to avoid leakage or explosion of the add-in.

The first look

Unveiling the bubble, we own flashlight, but a short tutorial guide in different languages.

In fact, to налобника all the houses. We have located at the rear of the battery compartment, the feed from which passes the head piece. The cable is скрутку, which allows him not to leave and, however, adjust the desired length for the flashlight can serve as on the head, and also in the helmet.

Jump in the eyes the quality factor of plastic materials – this is very dense and durable. Retaining straps is also thicker and more familiar, and therefore will last for a long time. Inside the they inflicted rubber strips, to prevent the slip album helmets.

Weight without batteries of about 160 grams. With food items, according to your weight, lantern will weigh approximately of 200 grams. It’s not so little, but without the discomfort of dress is not a feeling, more weight have weak value, use the flashlight, you’ll be in a hood.


If you pay attention to the bottom of the Pack at the bottom we can see the line specifications: Ex ia I/IIC T4 is op. Is a special markup for explosion proof equipment. Understand what it means, and what is the level of tolerance that have this flashlight.

“Ex ia”–means the principle provided the proof. So mark an electrical circuit, which have limited the power of the spark or the degree of heating. “I/IIC”–is to belong to a certain group of equipment.

In our case, the street refers to the Group I is an equipment designed for underground mines выработках applications, land and building structures, dangerous рудничному gas and/or dust gas.

The Sub-group “IIC” allows the use not only in terms of operation, whenever possible presence of gas/vapour/dust, and the lyrics to “With” indicates a tolerance of поджига atmosphere energy less than 60 мкДж (maximum rate).
“T4”-shows the maximum temperature allowed group of equipment–up to 135° C, which makes the Lantern safe when working with aldehydes and esters, which can catch fire too easily.

Usability tests

The first thing you will need to begin using flashlight-buy recommended batteries. Is it worth taking seriously the recommendations of the real Energizer-power items here can significantly influence the safety of your work. By the way, when is of great value, full налобника, I would love to see stacks.

To open the battery compartment, you will need a small phillips screwdriver–optional fixed болтиком crashes. We opened, we see standard compartment below 3 AA batteries.

How we use the dummy model Century Bob Box, which has the dimensions of a real person. Wonderful Lantern sits in the head, it’s rubber gatherers are kept in one position. On the back of the battery compartment and keeps well wide and soft, with lining inside. Front block can turn down, at an angle of up to 90°–will be convenient if you need to shine on your feet.

Central belt can be easily removed so that it reverses the your front of an orange lock button. The central idea of leather used to torch fell in your neck, and when used with the flashlight on your helmet and you can clear it.

We have a total of four working modes is separate red light, green light, and two levels of brightness led core. It is also possible the simultaneous work light main, along with the Red or green led.

The control is done through two прорезиненных buttons at the top of the skylight. Left button switch green/red mode, right, two brightness levels of the main light.

I easy снимающаяся рассеивающая Lantern lens. To see the location of diodes. Green led a, but the Red-two.

Неяркие diodes, more colorful can serve as identification of a sign that something lighting. We will see that spot light gives in different modes of operation. Conditions of complete darkness, the wall distance of 2 meters.

It can be concluded that the brightness along with the flashlight still low, but to work to arm’s length, or for lighting in the coming phase meters, it works fine. Whereas, the Lantern thought, initially, for similar purposes, something different demand that it’s not worth it.Clearly one can recommend the purchase, if you engaged in no event will not
blow up at work.


High level proof
High-quality manufacturing materials
Different color diodes, the ability to match the lighting mode