Tommy Hilfiger Fall Winter

The designer Tommy Hilfiger denim vintage conquers for autumn winter 2014-15. A line-up which again looks to the past to create a youthful and modern silhouette.

The vintage (it is certainly big news) intrigues and captivates. Here at you can get more vintage fashion. In these recent seasons many screaming brand let themselves ensnared by the dense network and irresistible nostalgia, casting lines and collections governed by impressions and reminiscences of years long gone; by the 1920s, those numbered fifty, from the time of Swinging London with that of hippie or flower children who, if you prefer. So no surprise to find that even a brand like Tommy Hilfiger couldn’t say no to the voice of this Mermaid enchantress, drawing for autumn winter 2014 – 14 a denim range where the nostalgia of course roars.

A nostalgia played this time by two young models like Henry Pedro-Wright and Nicholas Wincenc. The two for the new catalogue are wearing Scottish shirts grunge-inspired, bomber that come directly from the college made in U.s.a and massive boots where Henry and Nicholas shoving nonchalantly juvenile whole pants. Obviously the line-up keeps (and it could not be otherwise) a purely modern appearance, marked according to years of our lives. Of our troubled present

We Like

The past, the retro touch that the collection offers a freshness rough and young.

We Don’t Like

A lack of true originality. A deja-vu that unites alas many collections and brands. A culinary dish, to use a term, we tasted and enjoyed many times, perhaps too many.