Tissue Gladiator Sandal

Gladiator Sandal In Fabric-Step By Step

Creeping sandals are the footwear ideal for the summer, because they are comfortable and fresh. They can be used on several occasions, especially in day to day, always following the trends of the season. This summer, one of the most desirable models is the Gladiator style, one that holds the ankle straps. Learn how to make your printed fabric by following the step by step:

To do the sandal you will need a flip-flop style sandals, only the two straps and a normal cotton fabric cover. If you prefer you can buy a piece of cotton fabric with the pattern of your choice.

Start by cutting the cover or the fabric in half, so you will have two parts. One of these strips you should fold it in half and pass under the sandal straps to secure.Pass the ends of the fabric on the inside of space that formed in half on the other side, giving a little pull. After pulling just bring one end on each side, i.e. now you will wrap the tips about sandal straps to cover them all.

Be careful when pulling the strips to let the fabric well adjusted. When you reach the end, sew the tip of him not to drop the tissue strips. The remainder is the part that you will use to tie in the shins. Tie as you see fit, giving one or two laps and finishing with a Lasso, for example.

Is ready for your Gladiator sandals, simple and original.