Tips to Organize and Decorate the Room of Studies

Check out the tips from Professor of Interior Design course of SFTP Silvana Souza to make the environment more organized and beautiful study

Have an organized and well decorated environment makes all the difference in the time to focus the energies to study. So the teacher Silvana Souza, the Interior Design course Tuiuti University highlighted some tips of colors, furniture and lighting to make your hobby room cozier. Check out!

Space and size–according to Professor, the ideal size for an area of studies is that you have available. That is, if site is organized properly, it won’t make any difference if it’s a large or small space. The tip of the teacher is in relation to the choice of the table, which must have a minimum depth of 60 cm and a width of at least 1, 20 m. “If you use a desktop computer is good thinking in a little deeper,” advise.

Colors-the teacher indicates more neutral colors to not take focus.”For those who like color, green is a great option as it soothes and stimulates creativity at the same time. Opt for a lighter tone to white ally that gives the neutrality, or a wood tone that will heat the space”.

Lighting– Create study space next to a window, because the natural light helps in the visual comfort and helps to study any longer without fatigue.With respect to the choice of lamps, the teacher has two suggestions: more yellowish or more lamps lamps bluish.”The temperature of the lighting sets the level of concentration of the space. If you want more comfort and coziness, opt for the more yellowish, but if the goal is to study longer, choose the whiter light. It’s good to be careful with the position of the lighting, if she makes the shadow on the table, provide a desk lamp to complement”.

Furniture-Browse chairs with high back and, if possible, with wheels. But avoid the very beautiful and ergonomic nothing. To choose the table, notice if she has no details where you might run into and avoid the glass tables, because they are cold and uncomfortable to spend a lot of time. “Think you’ll spend hours in this place, so it should be as comfortable as possible, so choose nice furniture and, especially, comfortable”, says the teacher.

Ornaments, books and handouts–let the objects that uses more frequently closer and go organizing the distances and the space following this logic.The trick is to have the desk space as empty as possible and distribute the objects around. It’s also good to avoid many embellishments in place of study because they are enemies of the concentration. Use niches to special objects and low shelving for books and brochures is a good option. And if you deal with many roles, the bins are a good option to arrange them.

The teacher Silvana, all tips are important, but the study room needs to match the style of each person. So, the main tip is to customize her space.”The internet is an endless sea of references, so learn to use it correctly. When you get your references for the images of space studies, avoid fads and look for something that really suits you. So, you’re going to assemble a space that probably will become your favorite corner.”