Tips to Get a Natural Makeup

As in magic even in make-up makeup is nice when you do not see. Here are some useful advice to create in minutes a natural but very effective trick, that hides imperfections and enhances the strengths of your face.

Having a facial makeup SOAP and water does not mean wear makeup just, indeed! The secret of a natural makeup is to use neutral tones, which is similar to those of your face. To hide dark circles and blemishes used a spelling similar to the color of your skin, which will help you to cover the defects of the face look seamless.

  1. For a naturalmakeup is essential applying Foundation so perfect! You have to choose the Foundation of a shade similar to your skin tone and spread it out with a sponge from inside the face outwards, without forgetting however pushes even on the neck to prevent the mask effect. Focus on the delicate textures to make your skin brighter.
  2. Face powder and blushshould be applied with a brush to soften the facial features through an effect of light and shade. The powder should smooth the face but without make it opaque: choose an illuminating powder to make your skin glowing and fresh. Blush should be chosen by a faint color for a natural makeup, very good the amber to enhance your tan or light pink to give color to the cheeks without overdoing it. Perfect alongside the brush in cream that blend with your fingers for a natural look.
  3. Tomake up the eyes naturally choose two shades of pastel eye shadow, a clear and a slightly darker, to blend starting at the inner corner of the eye. For favorite mascara waterproof product, to prevent e. coli during the day, and pass only a touch thin eyelashes to give depth to the look.
  4. For anatural lip make up you can use a pencil to outline the mouth and make a lip gloss transparent or pastel tint that makes lips bright so simple and inconspicuous. I totally outed lipsticks shades too, which make the lips sexy but very little natural.
  5. For perfect makeup in natural style even thenails must be cured but not showy. Choose a transparent glaze but high and if you have long fingernails and want to put particular emphasis on try the french manicure.
  6. Eventhe hairstyle is important for a natural look. Avoid backcombing or complicated hairstyles: best natural hairstyle whatever type of your hair: straight, wavy or curly.