Tips on Who Was…

Diego Naves Studied Language Course for One Month in Brighton, England
“My choice for the country because it is the motherland of the English language, by the educational system and academic excellence, as well as for cultural diversity because it is a country that blends the modern and history”

Elma Milk Studied Englishfor Two Weeks in England
“In Liverpool felt at home, super comfortable, the family that hosted me was attentive, and the House could not have been better: close to the school, the tourist attractions and the train station. In fact, the geographic position of Liverpool facilitates travel to other destinations paying little and very quickly, by train or plane. In short: I’m looking forward to repeating it”

Giulia Martins Was Part of the High School in England
“I spent four months in a town called Swanage, located on the South coast of England. Different from the hectic life in London, Swanage was a city very calm and with lots of charm, stunning landscapes, like the famous white cliffs along the coast”

Vanessa Currently Studying at Higher Education Vitto in Cellular and Molecular Medicine at Bristol
“The most interesting to me is the combination of old buildings and that represent part of the history of the United Kingdom (Buckingham Palace, for example) with new and modern attractions such as the famous Ferris wheel near the Thames. My impression is that England always seeks to reinvent itself, while other European countries are betting only on tradition”

Jessica Furtado Made General English for Five Weeks in London, England
“London is amazing. Recommend not to miss a day at home, since the city has several options of programs for all tastes. It’s almost impossible to know everything, but I recommend going to the Notting Hill and the Covent Garden District of London: there there are several shops and cozy pubs”

Rodrigo Made Higher Education in Business Administration, Golden,in Northampton, England, and Took the Opportunity to Meet Scotland
“Scotland is a great country, a historic region, many ancient castles, winter with freezing temperatures and birthplace of unparalleled scotch whisky. I was very well received, the Scottish people is nearly as receptive and friendly as the Brazilian, always with a smile on her face”

Learn More:
UK: the official flag of the United Kingdom is called“Union Jack”and given this name by joining the flags of three countries (Scotland, England and Northern Ireland). Wales, United Kingdom country room, belonged to England in 1606, when the flag was made.
Scotland: since 2006, abandoning an animal in Scotland is a crime and the owner may be punished according to the law: in addition to the fine, the citizen has no more right to have another animal.
England: the Glastonbury festival is the oldest event of music, since 1970, in Southwest England, Worthy, and receives over 200,000 people per issue.
Northern Ireland: in the city of Bestfast is located the Titanic Museum. The site, formed by ten galleries with interactive installations, explores in detail the construction, shipping and the sinking of the vessel.
Wales: the English call the Wales of”Wales”,do you mean foreigners or outsiders. The Welsh already prefer to call”cymru”,which, in Welsh, meaning friends or companions.