Tips for Using Different Lengths and Rock That Look

Icon of feminine wardrobe, the skirt is everywhere and is a true synonym of grace and beauty for women. There are several types of cuts, different lengths and new models that arise each day. But you know how to use the piece in favor of your body and at the time right? Check out tips for your favorite skirt Cortez and discover the secrets to suit each length and model to your style.Come on?

Superfeminina and versatile, matches any occasion: varying pattern and fabric, the long skirt can be used in four seasons. For a visual stripped, ideal for day to day, combine with classic pieces and simple: t-shirts and flats are a good thing. When the proposal is a more polished production, look for investing in more sophisticated materials. A shirt of tailoring and an elegant high heels make all the difference. Mix textures and transparencies for a current look. When the cold slam the door, combine the long skirt with leather jackets and complement with scarves warm.

To elongate the silhouette, prefer skirts of one color and that virtually cover the feet, using with high heels, advised by Plus-size-tips. Monochromatic looks also give that feeling.
To create the illusion of a thinner waist, avoid printed skirts and opt for straight cut, with a more larguinha. If you have hips wider, the high waist will camouflage the region.

You can go the height below the knees until the middle of the calves and gradually entering the list of items of women’s darlings. The style of the look varies as the combination: for the day to day work, bet on tailoring shirts, which are more formal. Combine with blazer, leather jacket or knitting. The midi-length pencil version as well worth the investment. With high heels and make striking, is perfect for the corporate environment. Sports look allows you to push your creativity with cropped tops (blouses that leave a part of the belly on display) and fun t-shirts. Play with the colors and patterns to give a more modern production. For the night, let the midi skirt is the star, daring colors and details!

Since the midi can flatten the silhouette, the tip is to always bet on high heels. Shoes that show more foot give the feeling of longer legs, as well as the nude color. The most important thing in these skirts is to be attentive to:avoid creating volume on hips and prefer those that fall in the body like a glove, without being too tight.

Also known as miniskirts, the Brazilian’s favorite. You can also use throughout the year:in winter, with black pantyhose and opaque, to help ward off the cold. The trick is to always make up the bottom with a more closed. Combine with shirts, jackets, overcoats and jackets and stay away from midriffs and very revealing. Abuse of different styles and materials for your skirts:leather, denim, cotton, wool. anything goes!

To disguise a wide hip, the tip is to choose high-waisted skirts and not glued to the body. Prefer the soltinhas and more rounds. The opposite is also true:ruffles and details serve to increase the region. And always remember to balance the look:with tight skirt, bet on a top larguinha more and vice versa.