Tips for Small Apartments

The apartment is small, there’s no way, right? We know it’s impossible to increase space, but we can make it look bigger! Here are some tips:

In all environments: Use lightweight, simple, low volume furniture. Use mirrors, mirrored furniture (do not overdo it), niches and shelves. Simplify.

In The Kitchen:

1) Put stove, sink, refrigerator, etc. together as a single furniture and using light colors (white is a temptation, but it gives work, think about it and prefer darker shades on the floor).

2) Top cabinets as tall as it is convenient and few details. Also, open top cabinets also give the impression of bigger (besides being cheaper).

3) Drawer drawers (without drawers), besides reducing the design, create horizontal lines, which also give the impression of “bigger”.

4) “Up” the pediment to the ceiling, as in 1a. Photo below, also makes it look bigger.

In The Room:

1) Do not buy sofas with oversized, oversized armrests. Only they will fill the whole space of your room and make it smaller, without adding place for more people to sit! I mean: What do you get? Choose straight and simple lines, seats with double function (like puffs that become coffee tables, for example)

2) Rather than a large coffee table, how about small tables that can be separated? And glass tops always seem to take up less space. And try to move some furniture away from the walls.

3) Instead of a thousand small decorative objects, invest in a few larger objects.

4) Choose a color palette for the whole space, do not split the environments (eg dining and living) with different colors. It will look smaller.

In The Bedroom:

1) Beds with place to store things underneath the mattress are a hand on the wheel. And if the mattress hide this place is even better. Incidentally, aerial furniture (which stays attached to the wall, without feet) is always a good idea.

2) Do not buy the largest bed that will fit in the room! Buy the bed with the best size for the bedroom, which is the one that allows you to have a good circulation through it.

3) A simple shelf next to the bed, or a drawer attached to the wall, working as a nightstand is light and very useful.

4) Pendant or wall-mounted luminaires work when there is no room for the bedside table or it is too small.

5) Use the walls!