Tips for Choosing Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are a key detail of the wedding, full of meaning and value. They must be chosen carefully, based on the personal tastes of the bride and groom, try and, if necessary, create customized. Here are some tips for choosing the best way possible the fateful wedding rings!


Wedding rings are critical and, since the eye wants its part, must be chosen with care and according to your personal taste. If what you find in jewelry does not satisfy you, keep looking: the faiths are a crucial detail and should like it and please aesthetically.

Typically, to choose the best wedding rings, they take into account the following parameters:

Measurement: the ring must fit your finger perfectly. So, introduce yourself in jewelry bearing the exact measurement of your ring finger.

Material: yellow gold is always the most popular, but also the most delicate white gold, or silver, less pretentious, are perfect materials for wedding rings. Moreover, even the pink gold is quite original and alternative faith requested if you want.

Weight: based on the weight and price of faiths will go up. So if you have basic economic restrictions, it is best to lighten the weight of the rings.

Engraving: tradition has it that within the year is engrave your wedding date, or spouse’s name, but today several couples choose to engrave within the faith anything from a sentence to please the single name. Thanks to modern laser techniques you can do make an incision of the font and size you want.

Settled these small but important details, it’s time to engage the most fun: the lifestyle choices of wedding rings. Jewellers and goldsmiths offer different solutions and wedding rings are available in the market in different styles to suit tastes. The most popular are:

Classic style
It is the most common style, with an affordable price. Classic rings have round shape and blunt and very often are available in yellow gold, without gemstones as decoration, although there are also models in silver or white gold.

French style
French-style wedding rings have a rounded shape on the outside and linear inward and have, as a decoration, a small diamond embedded within.

Etruscan style
The wedding bands in this style are sinuous, rounded and asymmetrical and are the oldest in existence. It was the Etruscans to inaugurate the custom of exchanging wedding rings during weddings, in the belief that the mood between the finger that wore it directly to the heart.

Sardinian Style
They are very thin rings, generally handed down from generation to generation in Sardinia. They are distinguished by a very original that invokes the craft lace and the grains of wheat, symbol of prosperity and good luck for the wedding.

Jewish style
Jewish-style rings are usually made of gold, have a simple form with the watermark adorned with small pearls, and inside them is inscribed with a phrase of good wishes to the bridal couple.

Irish style
Originally, according to ancient traditions, were made of bronze, but today the Irish wedding rings are made mostly in gold, or silver. They are distinguished by their distinctive shape: two hands, a symbol of friendship, which hold a heart, which depicts love, above which is placed a crown, symbol of fidelity.