Tips For Choosing The Best Lures For Lucio

Fishing for Lucio with lure is the most common, but that does not mean that it is easy to try them with the first lure you find. In addition there are millions of models and brands to choose from. So do not feel bad if you are completely lost by choosing lures for Lucio for your next Fishing day.

At PescaCosmar we will try to alleviate your worries with the following tips to choose the best lures for Lucio, and we will also provide some recommendations from our store.

Hard lures or vinyls?

First we are going to divide the lures for Lucio into two important categories, the soft lures and the hard lures. Both have different characteristics that can be very useful for capturing Lucios, it depends on you if you prefer one or the other.

Advantages of hard lures for Lucio

  1. Hard soils provide a much stronger and more striking vibration in the water.Since its hard structure hits rather than sliding smoothly.
  2. You can incorporate several hooks to secure the prey with more precision.
  3. You can change the bibs to achieve greater depths and create vibrations and more flashy swimming.
  4. Its design is very realistic and the colors can attract the attention of the predators that are more distant of your zone.
  5. You can incorporate rattles to make noises underwater.
  6. They are ideal during the reproductive stage, as it is at that time when they attack to defend their territory, so that the lures that feel more threatening will surely end up in the mouth of our predator.
  7. They are more durable and resistant.

Disadvantages of Hard Lures for Fishing Pike

  1. Their swim is a little sharper than vinyl, they do not move as natural, although it depends on the type of lure you choose, as there are some that really stand out for their realistic swim.
  2. They are more expensive than vinyl and you need to invest a certain amount to achieve a good variety.

Advantages of Vinyls for Lucio Fishing

  1. The movement of the soft lures is much more natural and attractive, providing multiple ways of swimming as the rod moves, making them excellent during spinning fishing.
  2. You can change the heads to add weight and reach a little more depth.
  3. They are quite cheaper than hard lures since you can get about 5 times more lures for the same price.
  4. They are ideal to deceive the cautious pikes, in some fishing areas are more cautious than others, which is why it is vital to have lures that camouflage well with the environment around them.
  5. The collection is faster and easier, but you have to be agile since its dunk is weaker.
  6. They are more efficient in the fall and winter when they lose weight and lose their appetite.As vinyls look more natural and tempting to be worth the effort.

Disadvantages of Soft Lures in Lucio Fishing

  1. You have to change the tails from time to time, because with the bites do not resist too much.
  2. They let themselves be carried away by the current, preventing the cane from marking the way they swim, however depending on the movement they believe, that could be good for attracting the attention of predators.
  3. It is difficult to put them to work on the surface.As they do not create splashes or flashy vibrations.

Lures according to the appetite of pike and season

Pikes are ferocious predators are not limited to hunt small fish or worms, can also jump to hunt frogs, mice, insects, and even birds that fly over water. He is not afraid of appearances but if he sees something too colorful or out of the ordinary he could refuse to fish it.

Be careful before choosing spinnerbaits too complex or colorful, line basses with hundreds of teaspoons are not recommended, one or two may look tempting, but more than three with some phosphorescent pens could be ignored.

During the mating stage, the Lucios devote few hours to the hunt, however during those hours they are not suspicious of almost anything, they are extremely voracious. While during the spawning stage, they are more likely to attack anything that disturbs them, being the poppers and minows, the most suitable lures.

When the temperatures of the waters are low, the Lucio looks for the depths or the zones warmer. Therefore, both crankbaits and large vinyls are more palatable.

Recommendations of lures in PescaCosmar

If you want us to show you our repertoire for Lucio’s fishing, here are some useful options. Remember to take into account the season and your fishing zone to choose the best lures for Lucio according to your needs.

Popper Sea Master 7 cm

The Sea Master is a special hard lure for spinning fishing working on the surface, this little lure creates strong vibrations, splashing and rising water capable of alerting all nearby predators. His realistic appearance prevents Pikes from feeling suspicious and is likely to attack him to defend his eggs.

Sakura L16 Shad Vinyl

The Sakura L16 Shad are extremely realistic and with a soft and natural swimming that will remove from their lethargy the most lazy Pikes. They have aholographic design that perfectly mimics the appearance of a fish and their eyes hypnotize directly to the prey. They can be used for fishing to Spinning in fresh water and are highly recommended for the fishing of some sea predators.

Fishus Lure for spinning Saki Shad

The Suki Shad is a winning and highly efficient lure for almost any season in Lucio fishing, it has an intelligent design that creates a striking swim, making the water vibrate without too much abruptness. Its neutral color camouflages very well in any environment. In case you lose the queue in a close catch, you can exchange them and continue to take advantage of their qualities.

Minow 7 cm from the brand Yo-Zuri

Imitating the swim of a wounded fish arrives the Yo-Zury Crystal Minow, its design in white, transparent and gray colors allow it to look excellent underwater and catch the attention of suspicious Pikes. Its reflective sides add a shine impossible to ignore, encouraging the Lucio to attack.

“Without more we say goodbye and we wish you an excellent day of Lucios, on the part of the whole team of PescaCosmar”