Tips and Tricks For Your Earrings

Since silver is a material with a low hardness index, cleaning should be done with care.
For this reason, it is usually advisable to clean it with soft chamois, such as those used to clean glasses. Also, in jewelry stores we can find chamois impregnated in a special product to clean silver.
Over time, silver tends to pick up a darker shade. In the market there are specific products for their “rinsing”, which can be found in drugstores. In addition, there are very simple home methods to return the shine to our slopes, from cleaning them with water and soap (Fairy) to remove the excess accumulated first and dry them with a clean rag, to get a precious shine simply by passing them a eraser Of all life (very highly recommended).
In case the silver is scratched, the best thing would be to take it to a jewelry store to be polished.
Finally, it is advisable that earrings saved by time in, be kept from being exposed to moisture and light. For this reason, we advise you to keep your earrings in our box, for example in a drawer or a jewelry box.
Truquis for Baby Gold
As obvious as it may be, baby’s nuts tend to loosen.
The touch of the ear with the mattress, the movements of the baby and other contacts, causes the nut to rotate.
A small tidbit for fastening on baby’s earrings is, once placed in the ears, paint the tip of the bolt (pinch) with a few pinch of colorless and quickly place the nut (remember that our nuts are inserted under pressure, making This step simpler), this will make them look good agarraditos !!!
You can also remove the threaded nuts and replace the silicone nuts, they will fit perfectly.
Another very simple trick is to take the habit of reviewing the threads every day. A good time can be during the bath. To review the threads, to recover the rotation that they have been able to lose of the movement of the day to day of our small and solved.
And do not forget to move the pendientes or even remove and change them, as the earring usually accumulates dirt on the back, our baby’s graste and small scraps of soap from their bathrooms.